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Crystal chandelier design

A design by Lolli e Memmoli

elegant lighting for living room

The Italian company Lolli e Memmoli  has an incredible Crystal chandelier designed to create a dramatic effect. The unique collection is called Ugolino and is available in different colors and shapes that have something in common – the beautiful crystal elements. The Italian design brings elegance and excitement in our houses and offers a great decoration idea.

The crystal chandelier by Lolli e Memmoli – simply magical

Classic stylish lighting from Italy

The crystal elements are bound together in a fine structure to create the effect of falling water. Of the Crystal chandelier looks very luxurious and creates a magical atmosphere. Ugolino is available in white and a warm color palette of yellow, orange and red. Each model has a different character and can fit in different rooms.

Elegant stylish crystal chandelier – modern Italian lighting

red chandelier - elegant design

The White Crystal chandelier is the classic version and symbolizes purity and elegance. It can be combined with neutral color schemes and bold colors. The yellow variant is rather glorious and looks almost regal – it goes well with larger rooms with classic furnishings. The orange and red variants are reminiscent of fire and flame and are very elegant and dramatic.

By K.H. Christova

elegant lighting in the living room

Classic Italian elegance – lighting

great lighting for living room - chandeliers

classic chandelier - white