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Fresh ideas for bedroom lighting make the room shine


Bedroom lighting building in is a difficult task for several reasons – on the one hand, this is the private area where we rest. And good sleep is an important prerequisite for staying active and enjoying life. On the other hand, the bedroom is the most intimate room at home that reflects the soul. That is why the lighting in the bedroom should combine comfort and design.

Bedroom lighting – important tips

magic blue LED light

While you are choosing the furniture for the bedroom, you can choose the right one Bedroom lighting also consider. The size of the room and the function play a major role here – some people spend a lot of time in the bedroom, while others only go to sleep there. Those who combine bedroom and closet and work from home naturally need practical and more powerful lighting.

Bedroom lighting sets accents

Crystal chandelier-black and white bedroom

the Bedroom lighting, if installed correctly, it can set accents similar to the living room. A large chandelier is the traditional solution – where you can play with the model and color – plain, white and minimalist, or vintage, maybe even Gothic style, or an eco-friendly pendant light – the choice is in your hands. You still have to coordinate the design of the lighting with the interior.

Match the bedroom lighting with the interior


The table lamp is an important addition to the Bedroom lighting, especially if you like to read before going to sleep. Bring fresh, bold color in contrast to the bedroom color scheme and choose interesting floor lamp with interesting shape – this is the only decoration this room needs. Or be creative and build lighting in unusual places – under the bed, on the wall above the bed, or mount a suspended ceiling with integrated LED lighting.

Creative lighting ideas for your bedroom

interesting bed lighting

If your bedroom is completely white, you can add blue LED lighting – it looks ultra modern and soothing. Interesting lighting in the purple bedroom creates a mysterious atmosphere – it is better to choose subdued light that goes with this excellent color. It is better to avoid neon colors in the lighting – it is too strong for this room.


Built-in wall lighting in the bedroom

Wall lighting bedroom

Elegant floor lamps in the bedroom

adjustable floor lamp bedroom

modern white pendant lamp

modern white pendant lamp