Vegan Food Trends 2021: What can all vegans look forward to this year?

Vegan meat substitutes, vegan cheese, vegan Köttbullar etc. – plant-based foods and recipes have come a very long way in the last 10 years and the food segment of plant-based products is currently booming like never before. The vegan diet is becoming more and more popular from year to year and all supermarkets are constantly expanding their range in order to be able to satisfy the wishes of customers. According to a survey by the market research institute Skopos, 1.4 million people in Germany currently have a purely plant-based diet, which makes up around 1.6% of the population. Animal and environmental protection as well as your own health are some of the main reasons that speak for not eating animal foods. So what can vegans expect in the coming months and what are the latest vegan food trends for 2021 that we are already looking forward to? We’ll tell you all of this in our article!

Vegan Food Trends 2021: Vegan alternatives to fish and seafood

Buy vegan seafood vegan Food Trends 2021

The demand for plant-based foods has been increasing rapidly for a long time. With changing consumer habits, the food industry is also facing a major challenge, which, however, has great potential. Vegetable meat substitutes for chicken, pork, sausages and salami have long since arrived on the supermarket shelves and almost everyone has eaten them before. Whether vegan sushi, fish fingers, shrimp or even salmon – vegan seafood and fish are undoubtedly among the most important and exciting vegan food trends for 2021.

vegan fish alternatives vegan food trends 2021

Most fish alternatives are made from tofu, soy or konjac root and the fish taste is created by adding seaweed. For example, vegan konjac-based scampi, which look just like the originals, are an absolute must for anyone who loves seafood. You can also buy and enjoy vegan tuna or salmon fillet. Some varieties even have a thin layer of algae, which makes it look like real fish skin on it. The vegan alternatives have a lot to offer and are an excellent option to satisfy those cravings for fish.

Vegan fast food and high quality vegan ready meals

Vegan Chicken Nuggets Burger King Vegan Food Trends 2021

It doesn’t matter whether you are the best cook in the world or you can’t even prepare scrambled eggs: sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking or have time to cook. And on these days we benefit from frozen dishes. However, finished products have a bad reputation and are rather unsuitable for a healthy and balanced diet. Especially with vegan ready meals such as schnitzel and sausages, numerous artificial additives are often added to get the right consistency. But that will change this year! In the organic sector, for example, you will find high-quality vegan ready meals without artificial additives and with a lower fat and salt content.

vegan nuggets Burger King vegan fast food alternatives

In an ideal world, we would all eat healthily. But the truth is, we all sometimes just feel like a slice of pizza or a good hamburger. But what if you refrain from consuming meat? Purely plant-based fast food is also one of the most important vegan food trends for 2021 and the vegan diet trend has also reached many fast food chains. McDonals is reportedly working on developing a new line of products called McPlant. Vegan nuggets at Burger King have been around since September 2020 and are amazingly similar to the chicken variant. The fast food chain will even open the first completely plant-based restaurant in Cologne this summer. This is a test in cooperation with the vegetable meat company “The Vegetarian Butcher”. The vegan Burger King will be open from June 7th to 11th and will offer a completely plant-based menu. For optimal enjoyment, you can also choose between several vegan sauces. The pizza chain “Domino’s” also has delicious vegan pizzas on offer.

Vegan butchers are becoming increasingly popular

Vegan Food Trends 2021 vegan sausage products Germany

Vegan butcher? That sounds like an oxymoron you would say now. Now the vegan food trends for 2021 want to prove to us that we don’t have to eat animals to be able to eat delicious, meaty dishes. Just imagine that you go to the butcher and there are a number of purely plant-based steaks, sausages and other barbecue delicacies waiting for you. Well, that’s exactly what you can actually experience in Berlin, for example, because the first completely vegan butcher’s shop has already opened there. When you enter the shop, it actually looks completely normal – a large meat counter with lots of products and a few seats for everyone who wants to eat on site. And according to customer reports, everything tastes really good and you don’t even notice the difference.

Vegan Food Trends 2021: Vegan bakeries for everyone with a sweet tooth

vegan bakery Germany Vegan Food Trends 2021

The desire of people to eat more consciously has led to an increased demand in the baking world for whole grain products and products with less sugar and no trans fats. While classic bread is mostly made from flour, water, yeast and salt and is completely vegan, it unfortunately looks different with special breads and fine baked goods. However, due to the increasing number of vegans, numerous bakeries around the world have adapted to demand and introduced purely plant-based delicacies. So one of the most exciting vegan food trends for 2021 is undoubtedly vegan bakeries that offer a range of delicious plant-based muffins, cookies, cakes and donuts.

Or how about vegan eggs for breakfast?

what are vegan eggs food trends 2021

From scrambled eggs for breakfast to a delicious cake, eggs are used in the preparation of many dishes. In fact, most people considering a purely plant-based diet find it difficult to avoid consuming eggs and dairy products such as cheese. An egg without a chicken – that sounds impossible at first. Whether as a ready-made powder to buy or various, self-stirred binding agents for baking: there are many vegan egg substitutes and you can get really creative. However, the products will reach a whole new dimension in the coming months, because there are actually vegan eggs that look exactly like chicken eggs and have a similar consistency.

vegan Food Trends 2021 buy vegan egg substitutes

The American company “Follow Your Heart” would like to bring a vegan egg on the market at the beginning of November, which is based on purely vegetable substances. The “eggs” consist of natural algae flour and protein, gellan gum, yeast and cellulose and are said to have fewer calories and fat than a normal egg. The founders of “MyEy” have also developed 3 vegan egg substitute products that make normal baking possible. The main components of the products are vegetable protein sources such as pea protein, lupine flour, potato flour and corn starch.

Vegan cheese for the ultimate enjoyment

Serving vegan platter Ideas Vegan Food Trends 2021

Imagine the following: you are vegan and still could enjoy the whole variety of cheeses? “Not being able to do without cheese” is the main reason why vegetarians don’t become vegans. Because let’s be honest – who could resist a delicious cheese platter? Cheese just tastes good! Of course, you can make vegan cheese yourself, but wouldn’t it be more convenient if you could just buy it? So creating the perfect vegan cheese is really the Holy Grail and more and more companies have focused on making plant-based cheese products that have the same texture and taste as traditional cheese. Whether vegan cheddar, mozzarella, camembert, parmesan or feta – it’s all there! The German market leader for vegan foods “Veganz” has already opened its own completely vegan cheese factory in Berlin. The company’s products are not only purely plant-based, they also score with a very low carbon footprint. In addition, they are free from soy, gluten, palm oil and other additives and are therefore ideal for both vegans and allergy sufferers.

Vegan Food Trends 2021: Vegan wine is on the rise

Buy vegan wine Food Trends 2021

What on earth is vegan wine? As you know, wine is actually a purely herbal product and is made from grapes. Therefore, the term “vegan wine” may surprise you at first and hardly anyone can imagine that our favorite wine contains animal products. With regard to the grape varieties used and their cultivation in the vineyards, there is actually no difference between conventional and vegan wine. However, in order to free the wine from the cloudy substances, many winemakers use animal by-products for clarification and filtration. Chicken protein, gelatine, a dried fish bladder or casein made from skimmed milk are mostly used for this. Although the content is not that high, it is still animal products.

what is vegan wine vegan food trends 2021

It is therefore no surprise that vegan wine is also one of the most important vegan food trends for 2021. Alternative products such as activated carbon, bentonite or non-organic gelatine are used. In addition, many winemakers are experimenting with vegetable proteins instead of milk and chicken protein. Although it takes a little longer, beans, peas and potatoes achieve the same effect and cause the suspended matter to settle at the bottom of the barrel. There are now many high-quality vegan wines that have performed successfully at major wine presentations around the world.

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