The year 2014 of the wood horse is characterized by excitement and adventure

the year 2014 of the wood horse china horoscope adventure

According to the Chinese calendar, that is 2014 Year 2014 of the wood horse. It will start on February 4, 2014. Horse is the seventh sign in the Chinese horoscope, which is made up of 12 zodiac signs. The Chinese have honored horses as a symbol for centuries. There are many reasons for their sympathy for the horse figure. It is not only a symbol of travel, but also of quick success. Symbol of freedom and aspiration. So this year will be full of suggestions. There are five elements in the Chinese horoscope. The horse is associated with fire, red color and warmth. It is a social animal, and according to Chinese tradition, red color is the color of love and romance.

The year 2014 of the Wood Horse according to the Chinese horoscope

year 2014 horse according to the chinese horoscope

For the singles or those who want to have a child, 2014 will bring a lot of positive emotions in this direction. The year is beneficial also for those who want to build a new home or travel a lot. The green wooden horse is an element of spring and symbolizes growth. In the cycle of the five elements, the tree stands in front of the fire, so this is considered a positive relationship.

The year 2014 of the wood horse promises inspiration and romance

year 2014 wood horse heather jansch sculptures driftwood

Those born in the year of the horse (born in 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014 according to the Chinese calendar) are smart, good speakers, and seek individuality and freedom.

the year 2014 of the wood horse adventure luck excitement

That Year 2014 of the wood horse promises much new, stimulating and romantic for those who seek it. 2014 will be accompanied by happiness, success and career advancement, so don’t forget to buy a wooden horse figurine. You can carry these with you or leave them at home. According to tradition, the New Year should be welcomed with suitable clothing, e.g. green, gray, blue or brown and elements made of wood and leather.

year 2014 wood horse chinese horoscope