The new Surfboard Waterwolf MPX-3 – surfing has never been so easy!

Waterwolf MPX 3 electrically operated surfboard

Check out the new electrically powered Surfboard Waterwolf MPX-3 at! Experience real fun while surfing!

The Waterwolf MPX-3 surfboard – modern technology

Surfboard Waterwolf blue color fast and powerful

If you think surfing is not that easy, this might be the best solution for you. The one powered by an electric motor Surfboard Waterwolf MPX-3 combines modern technology with a classic surfboard, forget the weather conditions, the wind or the waves because you won’t need them anymore. By and large, you don’t even need the ocean anymore, you can comfortably go to a lake for surfing.

The Waterwolf MPX-3 surfboard – dynamism and performance

Surfboard MPX 3 perfect design blue orange black white

The Waterwolf MXP-3 has a water-cooled motor with 5 kW. With this extremely powerful motor, you can reach speeds of up to 33 km / h. Thanks to the 20 Ah lithium-ion battery, a driving time of up to 25 minutes is possible. If that still hasn’t convinced you, then check out the following video about that Surfboard Waterwolf MPX-3 at.

Waterwolf MPX 3 electric motor modern technology

Surfboard Waterwolf water lake or sea surfing fun

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