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Everyone knows a few of them, some of them were given along not only by their parents, but even by their grandparents. In the age of the Internet, however, knowledge about such wisdom and sayings is growing, as these are regularly posted on social networks. Some are funny, some are thought-provoking, but most of the time they are just noticed and not considered. But couldn’t certain wisdoms actually be implemented in everyday life and thereby enrich or simplify life? Are only those wisdoms that really make sense that have been uttered by famous personalities and have already been passed on from generation to generation? Which are the most beautiful? That shall now be explained here.

Make quotes and sayings for a more relaxed everyday life?


If you only start living according to such wisdom, the answer to this question must be no. Because it is of course not easy to change your life from one moment to the next and to follow wisdom if this has never been the case before. The longer one lives according to the wisdom of life, the easier it is of course. And then the right wisdom can make everyday life easier and more relaxed. Namely, by reflecting on what the effect of the trade is on these sayings. Certainly this does not apply to all wisdom, some are just to be accepted as funny and only situation-related, but others actually bring added value.

Four of the most beautiful wisdoms of life and their consequences for everyday life

It is certainly not possible to find out exactly the five most beautiful and meaningful wisdoms of life, but there is a tendency as to which wisdoms are quite popular and which are used by many people.

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Quotes and sayings from well-known people – the wisdom of life that is still valid today


What you do not want to be done to you, do not do it to anyone else ”- Confucius

Confucius, a Chinese scholar and philosopher who lived before the birth of Christ, said a number of wise sentences that are still known and often heard today. One of them is the one mentioned above. A wisdom that is actually quite easy to live by and that can contribute to good social behavior. This sentence is used in many things, for example in love: Who would like to be cheated on? Everyone knows or at least suspects the pain that the partner inflicts on one with a breach of trust and nobody wants to feel this pain. It should go without saying that this is not done to anyone else either. It is also not that difficult to act on it, it should only be thought briefly before taking action whether one would agree with the action if one were on the other side.

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Who fights can lose. If you don’t fight, you’ve already lost ”- Berthold Brecht

The meaning of this wisdom is clear, but it is often difficult to implement. People do take risks every now and then, but they don’t necessarily like to. Certainly a risk should always be assessed, but a lot can be missed in life if it is not tried – and then the fight is already lost. But if a risk is taken, a change in life is accepted as a struggle, then it is quite possible to gain in quality of life.

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“Every day that you don’t smile is a wasted day” – Charlie Chaplin

Even if Charlie Chaplin was not known as a great philosopher, this saying is nevertheless a wisdom of life that should be borne in mind. Because the fact is that humans naturally do not live forever and should therefore enjoy their lives as best they can. That means finding something good even in difficult hours and not seeing everything negatively and thus wasting your life. If positive things can also be found in bad situations, the quality of life increases immensely.

“When you love, you blame yourself, not the other” – Richard Burton

This wisdom does not necessarily have to apply only to love, but is also used in other areas of everyday life, in that it is questioned whether the fault or the fault is not one’s own before the other is accused. If you go through life a little self-critically, you can learn a lot: namely, to work on your own mistakes and to accept criticism from others.

Of course there are a number of other noteworthy sayings, but that would certainly go beyond the scope at this point. However, we offer the right ambience for this purpose, because our selection not only has all sorts of sayings for special occasions, but also offers wisdom and many interesting quotes, such as here.