The corona crisis shows us the life we ​​should lead

Bad statistics on the number of people infected with coronavirus and ongoing debates and analyzes about Covid-19 are in the vortex for another day. But let’s finally turn the coin and look at the other side. The corona crisis shows us the life we ​​should lead.

What the coronavirus epidemic gives us

The television news program begins… “Good evening! I hope you are in good health, ”says the spokesman. Why hasn’t anyone started doing it yet? Why didn’t most of us care for all of our loved ones as much as we do today? And we all came up with the motto: “I’m very busy working because I need money to survive.” Of course we need money. But what more do we need? In the last few days we have all understood it: health. We need well-used, full-fledged moments with loved ones, because nothing and nobody is there forever and time never comes back. We need the aroma of spring, the warmth of summer, the colors of autumn and the calm of winter. Not just looking out of the window, but experiencing nature outside. We need a good movie. Books that shake our hearts. We need nutrient-rich food that provides us with valuable vitamins and minerals. We can go on and on for a long time, but the message is also so clear.

because of the coronavirus epidemic blue water with fish in Venice

Health and rest only became important a week and a half ago? Has there been no risk until today that a loved one of us will be seriously ill or no longer there? Few people lived like this before this corona crisis held the world in suspense. It is really overwhelming how many lives it has taken. And we don’t know if it makes sense to seek the answers to the thousands of questions that go with it. Apart from one thing – what the corona crisis brings us as a gift, apart from what it takes away from us. Air quality is improving rapidly due to closed factories. This would help fight the spread of these and future infections. People show mercy and help their elderly neighbors, some isolating themselves to protect the rest. The development of technologies shows us how we can work, live and function very differently than before. The number of car accidents is falling in many countries. Everyone is finally starting to concentrate on the essentials.

helping the elderly with shopping

And although life is likely to return to its normal rhythm soon, the corona crisis gave us the slap in the face that we needed so badly. And that we can use as a guide to the life we ​​really should be leading. If we go through this quarantine consciously and answer the questions that start with “how long”, it will be the salvation we have been waiting for.

Tears polish the soul, and the suffering of all humanity can polish our collective minds if we allow it. Mind can be seen most clearly in fearful eyes. And the mind that we show in these scary days is really wonderful. Worry, love, union and faith accompany our daily life more than ever. Let us continue to live in this worthy way. As the people we are now, we will offer ourselves and our children a world in which we have nothing to regret for the rest of our lives. A world in which “I” is nothing and “we” is everything.

admire the colors of nature