The Boxer dogs – friendly family dogs


The story of the Boxer dogs begins in 19th century Germany when it was created by crossing mastiff and bulldog. The representatives of this breed are good police and army dogs, as well as great actors in the circus.

What do the boxer dogs look like


the Boxer dogs have a square, strong body with well-developed muscles. Its height varies between 53 and 63 cm and its weight between 24 and 32 kg. The head is in proportion with the body, it has wide nostrils, a short muzzle with a dark mask. The jaws are strong, the eyes dark and the ears originally cropped. The neck is elongated. The tail is originally docked and set high. the Boxer dogs have a short coat that is close to the body. The color can vary between red, yellow and all colors in between, with dark gray to black stripes. There are also representatives of this breed who have a white spot on the head and / or on the chest.

The Boxer Dogs – Character and Intellect


The boxer is a smart, kind dog. He is a good minder, very receptive and a brave dog. He loves children and gets along well with other pets, even cats. He is a loyal dog who has a strong bond with his owner, needs a lot of attention, and does not like being left alone for long periods of time or being chained in the garden. If not properly raised with patience and praise, he can become a wild dog trying to dominate over his masters.

Let’s run into the woods!

boxer - dogs-two-leashes-outside-walk

the Boxer dogs are perfect for active families who like to go for a walk often. The boxer is also suitable for the home, but must be performed and trained daily. He lives between 8 and 12 years. Boxers tend to develop tumor and heart diseases as well as allergies, epilepsies and hip dysplasia. The fur does not need any special care. But to keep it shiny, it should be brushed every now and then. the  boxer Dogs are sensitive to both very warm and very cold climates.

A little puppy


The games like all dog breeds


Gray boxer puppy dog


Exercise the boxer every day


The boxer dog is ideal for families with children


The boxers have strong ties with the Lord


On the grass


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