The Body Piercing- Interesting Facts About the History of This Art

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That Body piercing can be not only beautiful but also dangerous. Find out more about the risks behind it here and then decide whether it is right for you. What is better than a well-toned, female stomach? Well, a well-toned stomach with a piercing on the navel, of course! A few years ago the piercing was considered something negative, as it was mostly only worn by punks and homosexuals. But this is no longer the case these days. For this reason, it is also important that you are well informed about it. This article will tell you everything you need to know about that Body piercing should know: the procedures, risks, and care you should guarantee to body jewelry after piercing. But now a few facts about the history of body piercing:

Body piercing – already known over 5000 years ago

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The word “piercing” comes from English and literally means “to pierce”. The body piercing has meanwhile established itself as a method to beautify the body, or in other words as body art. Modern people believe that they have invented something new with body piercing. In reality, the history of body piercing is very long, because it is an ancient art. The first facts are known from times over 5000 years ago as that Body piercing was part of the history of many ancient peoples and cultures. These include Egypt, the Roman Empire, as well as the Aztecs, Maya, Inca and other tribes. The piercing always played a different role. For some it was a sign of domination, for others a religious symbol or simply an ornament of the body. The history of body piercing shows that it is an ancient ritual that has existed for millennia and has its own traditions in each culture. So if you think that piercing the body is something weird and innovative, don’t worry. In addition, nowadays our pain sensation is alleviated thanks to various anesthetics and painkillers, as well as professional piercers. The latter are the ones in the piercing studio who pierce various parts of the body.

Body Piercing – Informing beforehand is important

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But enough with the history of body piercing. What is body piercing actually today? You may see it as a way of speaking, or even a type of sexual stimulation. People of different ages use the piercing as a symbol of their psychology, their personal self-determination, independence, their belonging to different societies and of course their fashionable preferences. In other words, the piercing has a different meaning for everyone. Some find it disgusting, others find it incredibly great. Everyone decides for themselves. If you belong to the second group, however, knowledge of the history of body piercing will not be enough. Before getting any part of the body pierced, find out about all shapes, risks and hygiene measures afterwards. After all, it works with Body piercing about becoming more beautiful and not ending up with an ugly scar.

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Popular and original piercing types and what they are called