Remove stains – easily clean clothes, furniture and the like

Remove stains clothes water

A curry sauce stain on the garden sofa or a red raspberry ice cream stain on the T-shirt – stains are high season, especially in summer. Some disappear easily in the washing machine, while others require additional treatment. That is why we have in the forum of rummaged and put together some great tips for you on how to easily remove even stubborn stains.

Remove makeup stains

Remove stains make-up-mascara-fond-de-complexion-rouge

Lip gloss and lipstick stains can be removed with hairspray. Simply spray directly on the stain, wait 10-15 minutes and wipe away with an old toothbrush. Mascara stains from clothing can be removed with eye make-up remover or gall soap. Foundation stains can be treated with degreasing detergent.

Remove stains from the carpet


One of the most effective home remedies for stains is baking soda. First sprinkle baking soda generously on the pond spot, rub in a circle and then spray hot water on it with a squeeze bottle. Leave it on for 4 to 5 hours and soak it up.

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Remove stains from the sofa

Remove stains sofa-textile-wash

Coffee stains or chewing gum on a light-colored sofa cover don’t have to be a disaster if you know what to do. The first measure is to immediately dab the dirty area with a cloth and remove as much liquid as possible.

Water-soluble stains such as blood, egg, and urine can be treated with cold water and shampoo. Low-running, distilled water helps with coffee and juice. Fat can be removed with carbonated mineral water, baking soda or potato flour, while salt absorbs cola and red wine.

Remove stains from leather shoes

Remove stains leather shoes-ugg-boots

Classic suede Ugg boots get dirty pretty quickly and need the right care to keep you happy for a long time. First brush the outside of the boots with a suede brush, then rub them gently with a damp sponge and special Ugg cleaner. Apply the cleaning product everywhere, otherwise water stains may form. Quickly rinse the boots under a jet of cold water and stuff them with newspaper or paper towels to keep them in shape and dry faster.

Remove self-tanner stains

Remove stains with self-tanning cream

When using tanning cream, you should avoid wearing white, tight-fitting clothing, even if it is completely pulled in. If there are stains from the self-tanner anyway, they can be removed with gall soap.

Remove deodorant stains

deodorant-stains-sweat-stain-removal-clothing-citric acid

Dissolve 3-4 teaspoons of citric acid in one liter of hot water, soak the shirt for 1 hour and wash as usual. Other home remedies for uncomfortable yellow sweat stains are vinegar and baking soda.

Remove red wine stains


Salt helps against red wine stains on clothing and tablecloths. You can also put lemon juice on the stain before using it. If it is red wine stain on furniture, you can use shaving foam as a cleaning agent.

Remove the ketchup stain

stain-removing-ketchup-tomato paste-white-blouse

If the tomato sauce or ketchup has spilled onto your clothing and left ugly marks there, don’t waste valuable time getting angry, take action immediately! First carefully remove the ketchup and rinse thoroughly with cold water. Then you can treat the stain with gall soap or vinegar and wash the garment. If ketchup stains have already dried, glycerine from the drugstore or pharmacy can help.

Remove fruit stains


Spots from fresh berries and fruits are very common, especially in summer. These can be removed by immediately soaking the T-shirt in cold water. Then put some toothpaste on the stain, rub a little over it and put the garment in the washing machine.

Remove grease stains and oil stains


Dishwashing detergent is recommended for treating oil and grease stains such as pumpkin seed oil on pants or blouses. Dissolve it in hot water and apply the solution to the stain. Baking soda will also soak up the fat. Simply rub in with your finger and brush out after a few minutes.

Ballpoint pens remove stains


Pen stains can be easily removed with hairspray or toothpaste. Stubborn waterproof edding stains can also be removed successfully, but the surface is what counts. Nail polish remover works well on smooth surfaces and clothing. Alternatively, you can also use hairspray.