Practical accessories for picnics and sociable outdoor barbecues

ideas for accessories-picnic blanket-classic checkered red-white

Prepare yourself for a stylish summer. With these accessories for picnics and barbecues, barbecues will be even more stress-free and fun. Here’s what you’ll need:

1. A high-tech meat thermometer

High tech meat thermometer modern utensils for picnics and excursions

Everyone knows that a meat thermometer is a must for perfectly cooked meat. The iGrill ($ 80) outperforms the ordinary meat thermometer with its Bluetooth functionality and an app that helps you get the right temperature for different types of meat.

2. Accessories for picnic: A wine bag for two

Practical accessories for picnic wine bag for two bottles made of fabric

At a picnic, you never know how long you will enjoy the great outdoors. This is why this two-part wine bag is an advantage. It has space for two wine bottles, which are well insulated and protected by it and the comfortable handle makes it easy to carry. The wine bag is as Accessories for the picnic to find. Price: approx. 18 euros.

3. Accessories for picnics and barbecues: an attractive bottle cooler

Picnic barbecues attractive bottle cooler metal legs

This bottle cooler is particularly attractive because of its interesting legs. Keep your favorite beverages cool in this movable ice-filled container. Price: approx. 70 euros.

4. A hand roller for hot dogs

Hand roller for hot dogs accessories-grilling tools

With this hand roller for your grill you can prepare perfect hot dogs. With just a few turns, you get delicious hot dogs just like you know from the store. Delight your guests and children.

5. A 2 in 1 picnic bag – the practical accessory for picnics

2-in-1 design picnic bag accessory-for picnic barbecues outdoors

Transport your Accessories for the picnic with this lovely bag that can be transformed into a small blanket. This practical bag is available in different colors and with a stylish and modern design. Price: approx. 50 euros.

6. A solar music player

picnic outings in nature-hi tech solar panel music players

What is an afternoon barbecue without the right music. This music player ensures that you can forget about batteries because it is powered by solar energy. It plays music from any device that has bluetooth. It is also interesting and beneficial that this music player can charge your devices. Price: 100 euros.

7. Nature-friendly cutlery as an accessory for the picnic

Bamboo wood environmentally friendly cutlery accessories for picnic

Who would want to take their fine silver cutlery outside for a picnic? This cutlery made of nature-friendly plastic is the solution. It is 100% recyclable and can also be washed hundreds of times, even in the dishwasher. 24 pieces cost about 6 euros.

8. A rack for ribs

A grate for ribs garden accessories grilling stainless steel grill

Not every piece of meat can simply be put on the grill. Some need certain accessories to make them work. This grill rack especially for ribs ensures the right height so that even beginners can get them juicy and tender. Price: approx. 18 euros.

practical grill accessories ideas for picnics