Perfect sound quality with the hi-tech BeoSound Essence audio system

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The new hi-tech audio system from Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Essence, the size of a smoke alarm, proves that bigger doesn’t always mean better. It’s an easy way to enjoy digital music without compromising on the finest audio quality, and all with just one touch. With this sound system, you have access to your digitally stored music files without the need for a smartphone.

BeoSound Essence hi-tech audio system from Bang & Olufsen

Audio system Wi-Fi distributor BeoSound Essence hi-tech hardware bang and olufsen

From BeoSound Essence itself you have access to your mobile phone, computer, tablet and its integrated AirPlay. DLNA streaming also allows you to use Spotify, QPlay and Internet radio. With the BeoMusic app you can switch between different music lists and manage them.

Hi-tech audio system for music fans

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The BeoSound Essence consists of two parts, the remote control, which can be mounted on the wall or simply placed on the table, and a discreetly stowable box. After you have connected the system wirelessly to one of the active speakers, stow the box near it.

Sound system with remote control

beoSound essence round, palm-sized rotary dial, music control

With the remote control you can choose between play (the last song you listened to starts), mute mode (pause, stop and mute, next song (next), previous song (previous) and volume control (volume)). The hi-tech audio system BeoSound Essence can be linked to up to three remote controls so that you can operate it from other rooms.

The innovative device has internet radio 

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BeoSound Essence should be available from April 2014. The price is around 800 euros and 150 euros for each additional remote control.

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BeoSound Essence - hi tech music system remote control Bang-and-Olufsen

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