Outdoor games for children in summer – 12 great ideas for exciting outdoor activities

outdoor games for kids summer water fun boys

There is nothing better for children than to play outside in summer, let off steam and spend time with friends. Children need variety and always new challenges. If you’re looking for new ideas on how to keep adolescents happy, you’ve found them here. We have selected great outdoor games for children in summer that guarantee lots of fun. Your loved ones are welcome to take part in the preparation for the following outdoor games and activities and in this way also develop their imagination and dexterity.

 Outdoor games for children in summer – water balloon piñata

water balloon pinata garden outdoor games kids birthday summer

Fun shared is fun twice! That is why in today’s post you will find children’s games in summer for outdoors that are suitable for multiple players. Some of them can of course only be played by a single child and also promise exciting hours in the fresh air.

summer games for children for outside water balloon pinata

In summer, water is very popular with children, which is why our first choice for summery and fun children’s outdoor games was the water balloon piñata. For this wet activity, the children can first carefully pull the opening of the balloon over the tap and fill several balloons with water. In order for the balloon to hold its weight, it should not be full to the brim. The balloon is then knotted and hung on a sturdy string over the children’s heads. It is best for the adolescents to put on their swimwear and smash the water balloons with a stick or a cardboard tube.

Fun summer activities – handing over water

water transfer plastic cups children games outdoor leisure

The long-awaited children’s birthday party takes place in the backyard, the sun is shining and the birthday child and his guests of honor urgently need to cool down? The more players take part in the outdoor game “Handing over water”, the more fun and refreshing it becomes. Each child is given a plastic cup first and stands behind the other. The first person in line is holding a mug full of water. The object of the game is to pour the water into the next person’s cup above their head. Immediately afterwards, the first person takes the back row.

Children’s outdoor games in summer – water slide in the garden

diy water slide leisure outdoor games for kids summer

When we’re talking about outdoor games for children in summer, we’re not allowed to just pass the popular water slide. If the weather is right and you have enough space in the garden, the water slide is a particularly fun activity in summer. For this you need a sturdy plastic film, a long hose to water the film and some soft soap or children’s shampoo. Find a suitable, straight and clean lawn that does not hide any hazards (stones, bumps, etc.). Roll out the plastic wrap to the desired length. Put some soft soap or shampoo and spray on it with water. As soon as it gets nice and slippery, nothing stands in the way of having fun.

Outdoor games for children with water – water guns car racing

car racing water gun kids outdoor games summer funny activities

On hot summer days, children get wet with great enthusiasm and like to play with water pistols. A car race with water pistols is organized in no time and does not require much preparation. There should be at least two players. The aim of the game is to use the water jet to move small toy cars and to get there faster.

plastic cup race water splash water gun

You can easily modify this game and shoot plastic cups with the water pistol. So you need to punch holes in the bottom of a plastic cup and thread it into a rope. Finally, tension the rope and set up another “track” in the same way. Now we can start. Fill up the water pistol and shoot into the cup opening.

Giant soap potty with hula hoops

giant soap bubble outdoor games for kids activities water

Giant soap balloons fascinate the adolescents and are an excellent idea for the summer. This fun activity will be an absolute hit at the next garden party. A plastic children’s pool, a hula hoop and water and soap solution are necessary for this great outdoor game for children. Mix 19-20 liters of water with 10 cups of dish soap and leave the solution overnight. The less foam you make, the better the giant soap bubbles around your sweetheart will be.

Throwing chalk bombs

fun color chalk bombs kids outdoor games

Do you fancy colorful summer games for children outdoors? Instead of putting pictures on the asphalt, the adolescents can use the chalk elsewhere. The game “Chalk Bombs”, which has been very popular since last year, consists of nylon bags filled with fine chalk powder. With such a colorful action, the children can beautify the backyard.

Ice block treasure hunt

ice block treasure chest make your own toys summer outdoor games

The fun summer outdoor activities don’t have to be competitions. A treasure hunt that brings not only great gifts but also lots of cooling would be an excellent idea. For the ice block treasure hunt you need plastic containers or bowls, water and small plastic animals, coins, shells, etc. Fill half of the container with water and put in some toys. Place the containers in the freezer. Once the first layer is solidly frozen, add more water and toys and let it all turn into a block of ice. Take the ice block out of the mold. Armed with a spray bottle of warm water, a hammer and a brush, your little ones can dig up the treasures.

Throwing rings

throw rings bottles children make outdoor games themselves

Our next idea suggestion is a great leisure activity that not only fascinates the adolescents. A fun family game for the summer would be the “throwing the ring”.

Required materials:

12 clean glass bottles

a fruit crate

Acrylic colors of your choice

paint brush

Hemp or jute rope for the rings

Hot glue gun

Adhesive tape in two colors

The game “throwing the ring” is played in two teams. The winner is the team that has more rings around the neck of the bottle. Incidentally, depending on their age, the children can take on a large part of the preparation for the game by coloring the bottles and forming the rings.

Blind hole game

throw bags outdoor games for children tinker

A similar throwing game is the blind hole game, in which the players throw as many bags as possible into the hole on the board. Both teams stand to the right and left of the blind hole board. Determine the distance to the board and let the first team begin. The point system looks like this:

3 points – a sack that goes into the hole

1 point – a sack that lands directly on the board

1 point – a sack that gets stuck on the edge of the hole

1 point – a sack hanging on the outside edge of the board and not touching the ground.

0 points – a sack that hit the ground and then lands on the board. Please remove this sack from the board!

0 points – a sack hanging on the outside edge of the board and touching the ground

The team with the higher number of points can start the new round. If you have the time and the inclination, you can design the board out of cardboard or sew the little bags out of fabric in two colors and fill them with rice or sand.

Outdoor games for kids for the summer – fun outdoor twister game for groups

twist otdoor games for kider teenagers summer leisure activities

Outdoor games for children – water balloons darts

balloons darts burst outdoor games for children summer

Children’s activities for outside – giant soap bubble snake

diy sock plastic bottle soap bubble snake outdoor games for kids

soap bubbles snake materials kids games diy