Nature mandalas made of rocks, leaves and branches – Unique works of art made from natural materials

nature mandalas rocks stones spiral

The talented Yorkshire, England artist James Brunt creates stunningly beautiful, ephemeral works of art from natural materials found in the woods, parks and beaches near his Yorkshire home. This form of ephemeral art is often associated with the British Andy Goldsworthy. His contemporary art features a series of outdoor art installations, such as nature mandalas, spirals, and concentric circles. These fascinate with detailed patterns, textures and shapes made from a variety of natural materials.

nature mandala rock materials james brunt

The young artist creates his masterpieces in various places, such as beaches, green parks and even in some schools. He finds the materials he uses for nature mandalas on site. Brunt collects stones, twigs and leaves and arranges them in mandala-like spirals and concentric circles. Before he gives nature its materials again, he photographs his finished work. In this way he perpetuates his temporary creations. The artist frequently shares updates on Twitter and Facebook. He often encourages the public to join him while he masters his works. Brunt also offers prints of his photographed artwork on his website.

artwork james brunt natural materials mandala

With his inconsistent outdoor installations, he gives the monotony of everyday life an artistic value. For example, the artist transforms rocks with different shapes into perfect natural mandalas. On the other hand, he turns fallen autumn leaves into radiant spirals. His creativity turns the kinked branches into unique mandala patterns that transform a piece of nature into a particularly beautiful work.

nature mandalas pattern stones sand

In addition to the nature mandalas, Brunt also has other practical hobbies. As a co-founder of “Responsible Fishing UK”, a small art organization, he designs large-format beach drawings and child-friendly cardboard creations and lets dominoes fall in a unique way.

mandalas in nature motifs materials stones rocks circles

Why not collect grasses, small branches, flowers, leaves or chestnuts on your next walk in nature and use them to create a unique mandala? Use the treasures of nature and conjure up your own works of art from them.

nature mandalas spiral stones rocks artwork

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