Living with trend colors 2017 – 30 interior design ideas and styling tips

Trend colors 2017 pantone-colors-spring-colorful-color palette

Every season, the US color institute Pantone, in collaboration with “New York Fashion Week”, produces a report that summarizes the most important trend colors of the season. The Pantone colors for spring 2017 are fun and colorful, reminiscent of natural hues that appear in nature. Would you like to use the Trend colors 2017 or combine them skillfully with your outfit, then you will find many beautiful furnishing ideas and styling tips that will help.

Popular shades of blue among the trend colors of 2017 – Niagara

Trend colors 2017 living-denim blue-niagara-trend-color-pantone

Niagara is one of the shades of blue in the Pantone report and is similar to the classic denim blue. It looks particularly pleasant in the outfit as well as in the interior. The popular denim blue ensures peace and relaxation in the apartment and is reminiscent of water and the sea.

Furnish with trend colors 2017 – denim blue as part of the interior

Trend colors 2017 furnishing-ideas-bedroom-kitchen-denim blue

Whether as the main color or as a small accent, the Pantone color Niagara can be used in every living room. Thanks to its calming effect, it can be used as wall paint in the bedroom or for bedding. You can also add beautiful accents to the living room with a small denim blue rug.

Stylish and elegant with denim blue

Trend colors 2017 fashion world-niagara-denim-blue-pantone

Since the Pantone color Niagara is a classic denim color, it can be easily combined with other colors. The blue tone harmonizes with both light and dark nuances. For those who prefer classic combinations, other shades of blue, as well as white or silver, go perfectly with them.

The color of the year 2017 – Greenery

Trend colors 2017 nature-inspired-greenery-grass-green-living room

The fresh shade of green Greenery from Pantone won the 2017 Color of the Year award. As a real representative of the trend colors of 2017, the yellow-green shade is reminiscent of nature and stands for vitality and energy. The color symbolizes the new beginning and the connection between people and the surrounding nature.

Furnish with trend colors 2017 – grass green in the living room

trend-colors-2017-furnishing-greenery-pantone-color-sofa-accent-grass green

In the interior, Greenery has a refreshing effect and sets eye-catching accents. With a sofa or armchair in Greenery, every living room is brought to new life. The sparkling yellow-green nuance is perfectly combined with light nuances in the interior design, but can also have a positive effect on the atmosphere in a dark room.

Styling ideas inspired by nature


In the fashion world, Greenery is sure to dominate next spring and summer. The Pantone Color of the Year 2017 looks like green leaves and immediately catches the eye. To let the trend color shine, combinations with white or blue are best. In combination with light gray, on the other hand, Greenery does not look so gaudy.

Bright colors in the interior design – Pink Yarrow


Another shade from the bright trend colors 2017 from Pantone is Pink Yarrow. Whether in the interior or in the outfit, this magenta shade certainly makes a great impression. The eye-catching trend color is named after the pink yarrow and therefore has a relationship with the surrounding nature.

Trend colors 2017 as color accents in the interior


Pink Yarrow can be used to set bright accents in the interior design, creating a good mood and a playful atmosphere. Individual pieces of furniture with upholstery in this pink shade become a real eye-catcher in the interior and can be perfectly combined with black and white rooms.

Pink Yarrow as one of the biggest fashion trends in 2017


The bright pink is the perfect color for an impressive outfit in spring. For those who want to grab attention, this pink is also recommended as a complete look. If this would be too intense for you, you can combine the gaudy tone with beige, gray, blue or white.

Dark green tones – Kale as the trend color for 2017


Kale is the second shade of green among the Pantone trend colors for 2017. In contrast to greenery, one speaks more for khaki or olive green, i.e. a darker shade of color. It in turn symbolizes nature and stands for a healthy lifestyle.

Kale color from Pantone for dramatic effects

trend-colors-2017-living-pantone-color-kale-wall-color-living room

With Kale as the wall paint, expressive accents can be set in the interior, which may appear a bit dramatic, but extremely stylish. In combination with light nuances, the trend color is perfect for the living room and stands for elegance and a nature-loving way of life.

Khaki green as a military tone among the trend colors for 2017


The Pantone color Kale fits the popular outdoor trend perfectly and is a preferred shade for jackets, skirts and even dresses. It combines very well with almost any other color and is therefore an essential part of the wardrobe. The classic combination is with black, but the brave can also wear kale with colors like orange or yellow.

Primrose Yellow – Yellow as the trend color in spring


In contrast to the popular mustard yellow for autumn and winter, the yellow shade is a little lighter among the trend colors of 2017. The Pantone color is called Primrose Yellow and embodies the sunny days of spring and summer.

Trend colors 2017 to freshen up the interior


The warm yellow tone expresses a good mood and goes perfectly with freshening up the interior. Whether as wall paint, upholstery or a small piece of furniture, Primrose Yellow will give your apartment a sunny note. Furnishings in pastel tones make this yellow shine particularly intensely in the interior.

Skilfully combine yellow


Skirts or trousers in Primrose Yellow are the perfect outfit for sunny spring days. The yellow color is best combined with denim blue, khaki or black, but will come into its own in a combination with a bright color such as magenta.

Neutral trend colors 2017 – Hazelnut


Hazelnut is considered the neutral shade of the Pantone trend colors 2017 and combines as a transition color with everything. The warm beige stands for warmth and cosiness and therefore creates a cozy ambience in the interior.

Warm beige for the interior


In the interior, Hazelnut looks extremely pleasant as a wall paint as well as for upholstery or carpet. The shade is completely unpretentious and can be combined with dark and light tones. Wood elements in hazelnut beige in the furnishings strengthen the natural effect of the trend color.

Styling ideas in hazelnut beige


In terms of fashion, Hazelnut can be worn with almost anything. Handbags or coats in the light brown tone are a practical decision for the outfit in spring. Hazelnut looks particularly eye-catching and chic together with pink, orange or silver.

Trend colors 2017 – pink stays in trend with Pale Dogwood


A shade of pink – Rose Quartz was one of the two colors of the year in 2016 and again this year it remains in the top 10 trend colors for spring. However, this year a lighter but saturated shade of pink is trendy – the so-called Pale Dogwood.

Pale Dogwood as a wall paint


The delicate pink shade in the trend colors 2017 is similar to a nude shade, but with a bit of red. As a subtle pink, this color can be used perfectly as a wall color in the living room or bedroom and thus creates a peaceful and calming atmosphere in your own four walls.

Combine delicate pink in everyday life


The feminine pink is also retained in the fashion world and offers numerous combinations for special occasions as well as for everyday life. A complete look in Pale Dogwood is a great trend for spring, but the color works just as well as a companion to dark tones like black and blue.

Trend colors 2017 in harmony with nature – Island Paradise


Island Paradise is a fresh water blue that is reminiscent of the sunny days on the beach. It awakens the longing for tropical islands and relaxation and definitely makes you want to go on summer vacation. Light blue tones in the interior create a cozy ambience and harmonize perfectly with light furnishings.

Pantone color Island Paradise for furnishing


The blue shade Island Paradise is one of the trend colors of 2017, which are suitable for beautiful accents in the interior. Seating furniture in aquamarine can clearly refresh a white interior and, in combination with delicate pastel tones, give the apartment a romantic touch.

Styling ideas with Iceland paradise water blue


The water blue is an all-rounder in the fashion world. Men’s suits, women’s clothes, skirts, bags, shoes and almost all fashion accessories can be found in the light blue shade. The trend color harmonizes perfectly with other shades of blue, pastel colors and of course with white.

Lapis Blue – A dark shade of blue among the trend colors of 2017


As a representative of the dark trend colors of 2017, Lapis Blue is an intense shade of blue that has a special charisma. The Pantone color is named after the shiny semi-precious stone lapis lazuli, which has an intense deep blue color.

Luminous dark blue as a color accent in the furnishings


Lapis Blue exudes a lot of calm and strength and is therefore perfect as a color accent in the living room. The bright shade of blue can be combined with home accessories in other accentuating colors such as yellow or red, creating a playful interior.

Color combinations for Lapis Blue


The strong blue is perfect for the everyday outfit. So that the color shines more intensely, it should be combined with white or black. Garments in lapis blue become a highlight in your styling. On catwalks, the bright dark blue is often seen as a complete look or together with colors like green and red.

Trend colors 2017 for playful furnishings – Flame


Flame is a red-based shade of orange that looks particularly extravagant and lively. This can be used to set accents in the room that bring a fiery warmth with them. The playful color arouses joie de vivre and sociability and is one of the trend colors of 2017 that make a big impression.

Use flame or orange-red in the interior


If you would like to furnish with trend colors 2017 and set beautiful color accents in the interior, you can consider the orange-red tone Flame. It can be used perfectly in neutral rooms, whereby the combination with white or black is best suited for interior decoration.

Luminous trend colors 2017 – Flame for spring and summer


The intense color will also become popular in the fashion world in spring 2017. Light and neutral colors like cream and white go best with orange-red and are perfect for everyday use. In addition, Flame certainly looks great in combination with your favorite jeans.

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