Kite surfing on snow, water or ground – the new kitewing


Kitewing is a versatile wing that can be used to take your snowboard, ski or skateboard to the next level. With this innovative sail you can easily kite surf on the snow.

Kite surfing with kitewing – an unforgettable pleasure


The portable device can be wind powered, used on land, snow or at sea. It can be folded and is then very easy to carry, it even fits in a small bag or your backpack.

Kitewing allows you to kite surf on snow, ice, water, sand or even in the air


It has no lines, no control bar, and is very responsive. With it you can experience the pleasure of being “Master of the Wind” and take your skills to new heights. Well, I’m sure you’re curious now, right? Here we have another interesting video ready for you! Have fun watching and, of course, kite surfing!

Functions and characteristics of the sail


This is an incredible combination between kite and windsurfing vehicles that will give you a unique experience. It depends on your interests whether you connect the sail to a surf or kite board, or simply to a snow board and fly further. Use your imagination and experience in the fields of water or snow sports.

Kitewing is easy to use in very busy areas without causing damage. The multi-function wing is very economical because it covers several areas of an ordinary sail. The sail is very easy to transport, it doesn’t weigh much. Also, this type of sailing is much safer than kitesurfing and snowboarding. The pleasure is breathtaking and worth trying!

Exercise on the ground, on the beach or in the sea


A companion for fans of extreme snow sports


Even when you’re on the slopes


An extreme jump in the air


The sails are distributed in several sectors