Ice sculptures with flowers by the floral artist Azuma Makato

blocks of ice flowers artfully crystal azuma makoto

These unique Ice sculptures with flowers are the work of the well-known Japanese flower artist Azuma Makato, who is based in Tokyo. They are another interesting idea from the artist and were presented at an exhibition. He uses different types of flowers and plants, which he arranges as bouquets. On a previous project, he arranged flowers in a hanging position.

Ice sculptures with flowers by the Japanese flower artist Azuma Makato

Ice sculptures with flowers colorful artist idea

The ice sculptures with flowers prevent the withering process. The special thing about this way of preserving the bouquets makes it possible to look at the flowers in a way that would not be the case under normal circumstances. The ice is wonderfully similar to crystal and makes the colors of the flowers appear stronger, creating a strong contrast. The use of flowers in yellow and orange nuances also creates an interesting contrast between warm and cold. The ice sculptures are particularly effective when the ice begins to melt. The flowers change their shapes and appear even more colorful, which is supported by an additional shimmering effect.

Ice sculptures with flowers make the colors appear stronger

flower artist azuma ice sculpture colorful, effective crystal

The flowers in the ice can take on wonderful shapes

ice block flowers freeze art makoto

Clear ice and wonderful flowers create a lively contrast

ice sculptures with flowers azuma makoto colors

The flowers in the ice change shape as they melt

floral art makoto flower design arrangement

The ice is incredibly similar to crystal

ice flowers bouquet colorful crystal idea

Flower bulbs in the ice as a sculpture with buds

flowers onion daffodil ice art sculpture

 Violet and lilac flowers in the ice as a sculpture

bouquet purple violet arrange azuma art ice

 Bouquets of flowers are kept from wilting

flowers bouquet ice art sculpture colorful carnations

 Artistically arranging flowers in the ice – a view from above

flowers purple bordeaux ice art shape water

 Yellow flowers in the ice – a contrast between warm and cold

flowers yellow freeze ice block water

 Ice sculptures with flowers – Small bubbles appear when it freezes

flowers bordeaux ice artistically arrange azuma

 Effective ice sculptures with flowers – it seems as if the bud could open at any moment

azuma makoto art exhibition flowers effective design

 The green leaves of the flowers also retain their natural color in the ice

sculpture ice leaf plant art makoto flowers

Ice sculptures with flowers – Icy art with flowers and plants

green plants ice sculpture azuma art idea

 A tropical palm tree in the ice as a further contrast between warm and cold

ice sculptures with flowers art floral azuma makoto

 Ice sculptures with flowers in violet, lilac and bordeaux

ice sculptures flowers buds colorful freeze

 Spring flowers in the ice – yellow daffodils

ice daffodils art easter bells spring flower makoto

From the flower artist Azuma Makato.