Healthy holidays: Healthier and more enjoyable through the Christmas season

As soon as Christmas is just around the corner, sweet temptations beckon everywhere: Cookies and dominoes are finding their way into supermarkets and dining rooms. In addition, the other dishes are also heartier in winter. At the same time, cold winter days don’t necessarily invite too much exercise. Nevertheless, the Christmas season does not have to be unhealthy and bring extra kilos on the scales. With simple tricks you can get through the Christmas season fit and healthy without having to do without.

Christmas – the time of enjoyment

Christmas treats Stollen window cookies with jam

The Christmas season is not just about making gift tags and decorating the apartment in trendy Christmas colors. This is also part of the festive days. For most people, the real Christmas mood only comes through cosiness and well-known Christmas treats. Lure to match the festival Lidl, Kaufland or Aldi south therefore with Christmas specialties and discount campaigns.

It is hardly surprising that many people put on a few pounds over the Christmas holidays. After all, we not only prefer to eat over the holidays and in the run-up to Christmas, but also often exercise less. If you consider that a classic Christmas meal has around 1500 calories, the additional Christmas weight is not surprising.

However, there are some powerful tricks you can use to stay healthy and fit over the Christmas season. Of course, you don’t have to do without Christmas enjoyment – only the rude awakening on the scales does not come after the holidays.

Clever Christmas baking

healthy Christmas cookies with oatmeal

Delicious cookies are simply part of the Christmas season. However, many Christmas cookies contain a lot of fat and sugar. Of course, you can still treat yourself to the delicacies in moderation. However, it doesn’t hurt to incorporate healthier options when baking cookies.

The popular coconut macaroons are among the healthier types of cookies. You can do without any fat at all. However, cinnamon stars and gingerbread are not to be despised either. They contain healthy nuts and metabolism-stimulating spices such as about cinnamon. They can therefore be counted among the healthier types of cookies without any problems.

On the other hand, you should only enjoy cookies in moderation in which alcohol, marzipan, chocolate or cream fillings have been used. Often times, these cookies are not only calorie bombs, but also contain hardly any healthy ingredients.

Also useful: You can easily modify many well-known cookie recipes in a healthy way. You can do this, for example, by using whole wheat instead of wheat flour for baking. In contrast to wheat flour, whole wheat flour contains a lot of healthy fiber and vitamins. In addition, the sugar content of many cookie recipes can be reduced without sacrificing taste. Usually the cookies are still sweet enough with a little less sugar.

When the cookies are ready, you can also do without decorating them with icing or chocolate. In terms of taste, the waiver does not make a big difference, but it saves a lot of calories.

Reduce Christmas temptations

Enjoy baked apples with cinnamon and honey for Christmas

The Christmas season is always associated with enjoyment, which of course you shouldn’t deny yourself. However, nothing speaks against enjoying Christmas specialties deliberately and in moderation. That means: the cookie plate filled to the brim with tempting sweets does not have to be on the table all day. Ultimately, it tempts you to access it unconsciously throughout the day.

It is better to consciously enjoy gingerbread, cookies and chocolate, for example after dinner or with coffee. This does not reduce the enjoyment, but prevents uncontrolled snacking.

By the way: It’s not just cookies and chocolate that are good for Christmas snacking. Healthy nuts, baked apples, mandarins and dried apricots also taste like Christmas.

Make the Christmas dinner healthier

Make the Christmas dinner healthier

A real Christmas menu should not be missing for most people on the holidays. Of course, you don’t have to do without it in order to get through the Christmas season healthier. However, it is worthwhile to consider whether the Christmas menu can also be made healthier and lighter.

Instead of a high-fat goose, you can, for example, opt for an oven-cooked turkey roast on the holidays. In addition, cold water fish such as pikeperch, salmon or trout are a real holiday alternative.

When it comes to a lighter holiday menu, timing also plays a major role: Before you start the heavier, high-calorie dishes, serve a light salad or one

Soup. These starters satisfy the first hunger and prevent the main course from going overboard.

However, since the feeling of fullness only sets in after around 15 minutes, it is also worth waiting a little between the individual courses. During this time, treat yourself to a large glass of water. This is another way of avoiding eating more than is good for you.

Movement in the Christmas season

Exercise outdoors - a real pleasure even in winter.

You can usually prevent annoying Christmas pounds in a simple but effective way: Make sure you exercise regularly over the Christmas holidays. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a daily marathon. Just make sure to move around while taking a walk after you eat. In this way, increased energy expenditure can be achieved easily and in a pleasant way.

Those who don’t like to go for a walk can of course also include a sleigh ride, ice skating with the family or a snowball fight in their daily routine.

Enjoy alcoholic beverages in moderation

Enjoy alcoholic beverages in moderation during the Christmas season

Sparkling wine, mulled wine or a glass of wine – just like cookies – are simply part of the Christmas season. For the sake of health, alcohol should only be consumed in moderation in the run-up to Christmas and Christmas.

If you occasionally taste too good mulled wine or sparkling wine, remember to drink a glass of water with every alcoholic drink. With this simple trick, you will usually drink less alcohol overall. At the same time, the additional fluid helps the body break down alcohol. It is also a good idea to avoid alcohol right before eating. After all, wine and co. Also stimulate the appetite.

avoid stress

Avoid stress about chores during the Christmas season

Not only too many sweets or too little exercise during the Christmas season are unhealthy. Stress can also make you sick and it also destroys the Christmas atmosphere. Therefore, make sure not to allow yourself to be put under pressure by appointments and supposed obligations during the Christmas season. After all, Christmas is about being together with the family – a perfect tree and superlatives in the Christmas decorations are only minor matters.