Funny photos of Dave Engledow and his daughter Alice Bee

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Anyone who likes to scour the Internet often and has probably already noticed that from time to time one comes across publications and impressive or funny photos meets that are simply something special and unique. Such a case are the humorous photos from Dave Engledow, which he takes from himself and his daughter Alice Bee. The “world’s best father”, as the coffee cup in the photos claims, creates the photos with a lot of humor and irony and has a clear idea of ​​the way in which he has to present the respective situations in order to convey a certain message.

Funny photos – father and daughter race in the kitchen

races kitchen alice mother car children

With his pictures, the father wants to show exactly what he hopes never to be: distracted, only busy with himself, careless, clueless or even too bossy. As he himself explains, he has always used humor to deal with his fears. The funny photos should show his fears and those typical of other new fathers and that in a humorous way. And as you can see in the photos, his daughter also has fun taking pictures and, despite her young age, is great company. When it comes to Dave’s fears, there is no doubt that they are unfounded, especially if he just carries on as before. After all, the mother, who incidentally also takes the photos, has nothing against this unusual idea.

Funny photos – vacuuming

dust sucking funny photos ideas engledow

In case you are curious and others, funny photos want to see the self-proclaimed “World’s Greatest Dad,” see below. Smiles and laughs are of course allowed, if not to say welcome!

engeldow yoga joga daughter humorous living room

Yoga with the daughter 

dave alice pizza cutting kitchen photo

An accident while cutting the pizza

armstemmen dave engledow coffee cup funny photos

A strong girl

ironing iron alice bee best father

Alice Bee ironing

dave engledow easter candy alice bee

Sweets and eggs for Easter

funny toy lift canape armchair dave engledow

Dave Engledow and Alice Bee romping around

dave engledow funny photos x-ray daughter doctor

Alice Bee with the uncle doctor

engledow alice chips eat funny idea

That’s called a delicious lunch

dave engledow water paprika chilli pictures

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dave engledow alice bee grilling park

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Engledow foto first milk coffee baby