Friluftsliv is the name of the new 2021 lifestyle trend that we all needed

This year, the trend is to retreat to nature. We say goodbye to Danish hygge and embrace Friluftsliv – the new lifestyle trend from Norway. It is designed to make us active and, above all, happier. We reveal everything you should know about it in the article!

Friluftsliv – the Norwegian outdoor life concept

what is behind the Friluftsliv lifestyle trend

Scandinavians know a lot about happy life. It is not for nothing that they take the first places in the world happiness report every year. Both the Danish concept of happiness and Swedish lagom have taken over the world in recent years, greatly influencing interior design as a whole. This year, however, you will be overshadowed by a different living concept – the Norwegian Friluftsliv.

If you haven’t heard from Friluftsliv, we promise you will very soon. Translated from Norwegian, it means something like “life in the open air” and is the outdoor cousin of the very popular hygge trend. And it’s exactly what we all need during the current Covid era.

Drinking hot chocolate outdoors Friluftsliv

On a very simple level, Friluftsliv is more about hiking, skiing and sleeping in a tent, where hygge means knitting and hot chocolate in front of the fire. At a deeper level, however, both trends are about happier, healthier day-to-day life. The Norwegian lifestyle trend is also not just for hardcore hikers or camping enthusiasts. In fact, it is possible to adopt this lifestyle even if you don’t have access to the great outdoors. Your local park or even your own garden will work very well.

How do Friluftsliv concept take hiking

So, in part, Friluftsliv is simply about spending more time outdoors, whether it’s a picnic, dinner, or just an outdoor drink with family or friends. With most of us unable to meet indoors at the moment, it has never been more welcome to take advantage of the garden. Cold weather doesn’t have to be off-putting – just pack more blankets, put on more layers of clothing, and warm up in front of a fire pit.

That is why Friluftsliv is one of the biggest lifestyle trends in 2021

Hiking in the nature Norwegian lifestyle

Friluftsliv is not simply a household name. It can be described as a philosophy to give yourself a chance to separate from the digital world in order to reconnect with the real world. As Dayna Isom Johnson, an Etsy trending expert, puts it, “While we continue to see bans and restrictions on social distancing as a result of the pandemic, Friluftsliv offers you a connection to nature and its calming effects. And in a world increasingly dominated by technology, many are finding a way to get away from their screens and appreciate nature more than ever. “

New lifestyle trend: living in nature

Like other advocates of this lifestyle trend, Dayna emphasizes how easy it is to try it out for yourself: “Friluftsliv is about embracing nature and making the most of it. Whether to discover a new hiking trail, ride a bike or simply to bring elements from the interior – such as cozy blankets, serving trays or accent furniture – outside to create cozy gardens, terraces, stairs or balconies. “

Friluftsliv make the outdoor area homely

Even if your outside space is a small urban terrace, Friluftsliv is for you. It may primarily include activities like skiing and hiking in the mountains, but pursuits like picking berries, walking the dog, or spending the afternoon in the hammock are also a big part of it. This lifestyle doesn’t depend on age, fitness, or time of year. All you have to do is rethink your ideas about winter (and maybe get a fire pit to keep warm).

This is how you bring the outdoor living trend into the interior

embracing nature in winter Friluftsliv living concept

To paraphrase a Norwegian proverb: there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. At least that’s the theory. If you don’t feel like being outside on cold evenings, Friluftsliv still has a lot to offer – namely the opportunity to bring nature into your home, including plants, botanical decorations and, last but not least, a changed attitude towards winter.

Friluftsliv Trend 2021 garden with fireplace armchair

A psychologist from Stanford University calls this a “positive winter attitude” that looks for “opportunities” rather than disadvantages in the dark season. This change in mindset can relate to things as small as appreciating the beauty of the frost or stepping into the warm house after a brisk walk. Oliver Luke Delorie, author of Friluftsliv: Connect with Nature the Norwegian Way, also talks about how simple activities like taking a Sunday stroll in the park or watching a snow storm can improve our wellbeing. The only important thing is to become one with nature, to calm down and to clear your head.

Here we have a few examples of how you can implement the outdoor living trend indoors as well.

Open up the room by making it look more spacious with an XXL mirror

Visually enlarge living space with a mirror

Use colors and elements from nature in the interior design

norwegian lifestyle ideas for botany-style decor

Indoor plants are one of the best ways to bring nature into your home

Friluftsliv Norwegian lifestyle in indoor plants

Turn your outdoor space into a place to relax outdoors

Tips for the outdoor living concept Friluftsliv