FLSK WHTE OAK: The ultimate thermos bottle in a new look

FLSK-thermos-bottle-vacuum-tight-design-stainless steel-carbonic acid-proof

Wood is timelessly beautiful and warm. Wood is cozy. Wood is as unique and diverse in color and structure as only nature can produce. It has never lost its popularity over centuries and millennia. And today it is more contemporary than ever. Naturalness and individuality determine the current trends in areas such as interior fittings, furniture design, product design and at the same time the elegant, natural character of wood is repeatedly brought into the spotlight. The range of wood decors has never been as extensive as it is today. Oak in particular is and will remain in trend. It scores with a particularly distinctive, even grain, which has typical rays in fine and broad forms. This is the basis on which it presents itself FLSK, the ultimate drinking bottle, with a new design that fits perfectly with the natural trends. The new WHTE OAK edition gives the modern thermos bottle a fresh, very natural effect!


The WHTE OAK focuses on the interplay of technical modernity in connection with an optical closeness to nature. The soft natural tones underline the clear Scandinavian lines and exude calm and cosiness. The oak decor immediately puts you in a good mood and gives you a feeling of lightness, freedom and just love of life. Definitely a modern lifestyle accessory that is characterized by pure clarity and an unmistakable appearance. But the new FLSK drinking bottle is not only cool to look at, it also impresses with its excellent functionality.

FLSK thermos bottle with a new design and impressive features


Thanks to the unique VICC (Vacuum Insulated Copper Coating) technology, the FLSK drinking bottle keeps drinks hot for 18 hours and ice cold for 24 hours. The secret lies in the vacuum layer and the additional coating of the stainless steel, which prevent heat and cold from escaping. It is also made from 100 percent high-quality stainless steel. The material is easy to clean, absolutely break-proof and free of harmful substances and BPA. Last but not least, the lid is completely airtight and reliably prevents the drink from leaking.


With only 281 grams (500 ml) and 413 grams (750 ml), the FLSK is an absolute lightweight and is therefore all suitable for on the go. Hiking, biking, walking or for work and university – it is the ideal companion for every project. The small drinking bottle with a capacity of 500 ml fits perfectly in every pocket and is also suitable for kindergarten and school. The 750 ml version is sufficient for most everyday activities and provides cool refreshment in summer.


Another nice advantage of the FLSK is that it is produced entirely sustainably. Therefore, the cool all-round bottle goes particularly well with an ecological and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Due to the long reusability and the stable material, it is a sensible alternative to plastic bottles, to-go mugs and co. By the way, the FLSK thermos bottle can also be filled with carbonated liquids without hesitation. So if you want to enjoy lemonade, cola, fruit spritzer, soda or beer chilled on the go. Wherever you go – the FLSK bottle is by your side all year round.

Already excited? The new product WHTE OAK will be available for pre-sale on May 25th! The new edition will be available from mid-June 2017.