Extreme water fun with the Zapata Racing hoverboard

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The latest innovation from the tech geeks at Rocky Mountain FlyBoard is a floating wave rider, inspired and named after Marty McFly’s hoverboard from the classic film “Back to the Future”. The real life Hoverboard from Zapata Racing looks like a skateboard in the spirit of the times. It is dependent on water power and can reach speeds of up to 40 km / h and an altitude of 5 meters.

The Zapata Racing hoverboard hovers over the surface of the water


The fun alternative for water sports enthusiasts was developed by jet ski driver Franky Zapata. His company Zapata Racing is recognized as a specialist in transportation on water. Water is pumped from a lake or the sea via an 18-meter-long hose hanging down and ejected from two nozzles on the back of the board. This drive system is already known from the flyboard and jetpack. In order to achieve the maximum speed, however, you shouldn’t weigh more than 110 kilos, what otherwise could happen is actually still lacking experience at the moment.

Hoverboard, named after the model from “Back to the Future”


That Zapata Racing hoverboard is right at the top of the hit list of things that every water and extreme sports enthusiast should definitely have tried out. Unfortunately, a lot of money still has to be paid for the trend sport “Water Hoverbording” – the water sports equipment costs just under 4,300 euros, although the price may vary depending on the equipment. However, it is to be expected that it should soon be possible to rent a trip on the hoverboard.

We highly recommend watching the video below for an impressive demonstration of the hoverboard. It’s fun just watching.

Floating skateboard for water sports enthusiasts


With the help of water pressure, people can fly over lakes and dash over the bank.

The board from the manufacturer Rocky Mountain FlyBoard


Hoverboard offers spectacular summer fun

ZR hoverboard breathtaking adventure extreme athlete

Innovative water sports equipment


The flying surfboard from Zapata Racing 


Fly with the help of water and pressure


Aviation on the water


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