Extreme photos that will make you hold your breath

city ​​above skyscraper selfie risk ideas

If looking down at steep cliffs or a tall office building makes your stomach tingle, this article will keep your stomach twisting into a knot. Today we have 30 breathtaking and extreme photos for you who will test even the strongest of nerves among you.

Extreme photos – running a rope between two rocks

rope run outlook rocks extreme sport

Having a head for heights is great when you’re someone who is looking for the thrill or has to work in high places. Many people consider your tolerance for highs to be a source of pride. However, many scientists believe that fear of heights is a beneficial trait. Of course, this does not mean the so-called acrophobia, because in this case an irrational and often extreme fear of heights is meant. The well-known “visual cliff” experiment shows that even one-year-old babies have depth perception and the chance of reaching their mother is lower if they have to cross a glass-covered chasm that looks like a cliff to them.

Extreme photos – gymnastics on a ledge

lake mountains rock protrusion gymnastics outlook

building hang adrenaline extreme pictures sports

 Just hang over the city

photographing bridge railroad track couple forest abyss

 In love next to the rails and above the forest

flying paragliding para tandem sport photographer

 Fly like a bird

rock lake pictures stone photograph tourist

 A boulder between two rocks

bike tour rocks narrow way travel

 A bike tour with a difference

extreme photos tents hanging on stone wall mountains

 Sleep on a rock wall

extreme photos waterfall river boat canoe

 Feel the power of the water

extreme photos jump abyss water deep

 A deep jump into the cold water

extreme photos swing abyss treehouse brave

 Swings over an abyss

extreme photo climbing ice pillar snow

 An ice pillar that someone can use to climb

bridge photograph extreme photos stone graceful

pictures extreme river waterfall deep canoe

bed air rock wall building climbing sport

city ​​extreme skyscraper photo hang adrenaline

sport climbing rocks extreme photos world

ski snowboard sport ice glacier jump

rope running adrenaline grand canyon extreme photos

climbing sport high tree forest risk

climbing rock sea hanging pictures adrenaline

climbing sport icicle slope steep photo

climbing rocks steep sport dangerous pictures

cave climbing rope waterfall sport adrenaline

height work dangerous rocks handrail chain pictures

grand canyon jump rocks adrenaline extreme sport

mountains view steep extreme photos abyss