Children’s outdoor games – ideas for creative and fun outdoor games

children outdoor games for groups ideas jenga garden

When the weather is nice, children like to be outside. They prefer to play with friends, but also like to let off steam on their own. If you want to provide variety and give your loved ones a lot of fun, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s article we would like to present you with great DIY children’s outdoor games that your sweetheart can play in the playground, in the yard or at a birthday party. Or maybe you would like to spend an exciting family game afternoon all together? Let our suggestions for outdoor recreational games inspire you!

Children’s outdoor games – great movement game for the youngest

press here play paper circles tasks leisure games outdoor for children from 4

Our first suggestion for outdoor games for children aged 3 and over guarantees lots of fun for the little ones and is very easy to imitate. The movement game “press here” promotes gross motor skills and language skills. Color recognition and counting are also trained. To run the game you need several paper circles in different colors, such as red, yellow and blue. You are welcome to cut the circles in different sizes and laminate them. Distribute the circles in the yard. Now your sweetheart can choose a circle to start with.

Make giant paper planes with children and let them fly

giant paper plane tinker kids outdoor games

The game now consists of giving the child (s) instructions that they must follow. Tasks like: “Jump to the red or blue circle!”, “Go slowly to the blue circle!” Or “Jump 5 times!” Are not only fun to perform, but also help the child to combine listening comprehension with the movements. Whoever stands on the yellow circle at the end wins the game.

Outdoor games for children in summer – tossing coins

throwing coins water garden kids outdoor games

If your child just doesn’t find the usual leisure activities exciting enough, the game “tossing coins” is sure to grab their attention and bring them joy. Such children’s outdoor games do not require difficult preparation and are made from household materials. Get a large flower vase or other glass vessel. Place an empty jam jar with a few stones in the vase and fill it with water. The aim of the game is to let coins sink into the small glass.

Soap Bubble Painting

soap balloons painting kids outdoor games diy

If your child loves to paint and is easily fascinated by soap bubbles, the following outdoor game is an excellent idea. You will need some food coloring, the same number of clean, small mason jars, and bubble liquid and a blow ring. Mix the colors with the bubble liquid and let the children make bubbles as usual. The most fun part of this game is now about to begin. Your sweetheart has to catch the individual soap bubbles in the air with a sheet of paper. The bursting creates great color patterns that will undoubtedly make the self-made picture of your child unique.

Summer kids outdoor games – colorful ice cubes

colorful ice cubes color game diy children outdoor games summer from 6

Games with water and ice are a welcome change, especially on hot days. Children can make colored ice cubes themselves with food coloring and marvel at how they behave in the water. As soon as the ice cubes dissolve, beautiful color gradients are created. Your child will have a great time observing, exploring, stirring, and shoveling.

Paint with colored ice cubes

paint with colored ice diy outdoor games children's birthday party

An exciting and cooling activity that the kids will love would be painting with colored ice. First of all, water must be colored with several shades of food or watercolors. Get small paper cups and pour the colored water into them. Place the containers in the freezer. After about 30 minutes, insert a stir stick into each shape. Distribute white paper in the garden and let the children paint to their hearts’ content with the colorful ice cream. The colored traces that the ice cubes leave on the paper will fascinate the adolescents.

Outdoor games for groups – playing Jenga

diy tower kids outdoor game jenga groups instruction manual skill

Your darling’s birthday is imminent and you are planning a garden party in good weather? If you are looking for great ideas for outdoor games for children’s birthday parties, then the concentration and skill game “Jenga” is a great way to amuse the birthday child and his guests. This popular game is about pulling blocks out of the tower without the tower falling. Since the game is played outdoors, you will need oversized building blocks, which you can make out of wood for and with the children on an afternoon of handicrafts.

outdoor games for children's birthday party xxl jenga play garden tower

This game is suitable for children from 8 years and can be played by 2 people. A total of 54 modules are required for the XXL-Jenga. Three blocks are always placed next to each other in a row. The next three wooden blocks are placed on top in the opposite direction. Each player has to pull out a building block with one hand without the tower falling. One building block should always remain in each row and the top row must always remain standing. In the Jenga game, the player who tips over the tower loses.

Make an XXL outdoor Mikado game yourself

pick up stick oversized outdoor games children from 4

Another popular outdoor game for young and old that also requires a steady hand and skill is the Mikado game. For the oversized Pick Up Sticks you need an even number of wooden sticks and spray paints in red, yellow, blue and green. Determine the score for each color. As soon as the paint on the sticks has dried, the game can begin.

DIY craft materials pick up sticks kids outdoor games

The made Mikado sticks are first picked up and then allowed to fall apart on the floor. The players must try one after the other to remove one stick at a time without moving the neighboring sticks. At the end the points of the stolen rods are counted and the winner with the most points is announced.

Steal clothespins – fun outdoor games for children from 4

kids outdoor games clothespins kids birthday garden party

When your children need to shed some energy at a birthday party, they can play the game of stealing clothespins. In the first place, you need enough space to run and clothespins to play this game. 3 brackets are sufficient for each player. Every child is welcome to imaginatively dress up their brackets as they wish.

clothespin steal outdoor games for kids leisure summer

The clothespins are attached to the clothing in such a way that they are clearly visible and easy to reach. As soon as all the brackets are attached, the children try to steal the brackets from each other. You attach the stolen brackets yourself immediately. The child who has the most clothespins on wins the game.

outdoor games for groups clothespins children from 3

DIY kids outdoor pool games – racing car competition

racing cars competition kids outdoor games swimming noodle track diy

Playing bottle bowling

bottles bowling diy kids outdoor games

Throwing games in various variations

Cloth ball throw kids outdoor games ideas for summer

Classic kids outdoor games for kids – horseshoe throwing

horseshoe throw kids outdoor games skill garden

throw rings diy kids outdoor games

rings throw bottles crates kids outdoor games diy

throwing ball children outdoor games summer swimming noodle rings

outdoor games children's birthday party throwing filled balloons

ball catch plastic bottle with handle diy washi tape kids outdoor games

ball throwing rope target outdoor games for group kids

Giant tic-tac-toe game for outside

tic tac toe make your own plastic plates kids outdoor games

Angry Birds Outdoor Game

diy angry birds games outdoor kids garden

Children outdoor games with water – make water slings yourself

diy ideas water slingshot kids outdoor games with water straws

Fish fish

fish fishing children outdoor games from 3 magnet water summer

magnet fish fishing children make outdoor games themselves

Water balloon pinata

kids outdoor games water balloon pinata summer garden

Water balloon playing volleyball

water balloon volleyball cloth outdoor games children's birthday party

Interesting outdoor games for groups – play a scavenger hunt

summer outdoor activity for kids - scavenger hunt leaves sorting

scavenger hunt natural materials baking molds diy children outdoor games

Rope games for children

overcome obstacles garden party children games outdoor