Buying an e-bike: What should you pay particular attention to when buying an electric bike?

Bicycles with electric motors have become bestsellers and have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Reliable, powerful, user-friendly and environmentally friendly – e-bikes are enjoying increasing popularity and even passionate drivers have long recognized their advantages. Switching to an e-bike is definitely worthwhile for those who are fed up with tormenting themselves in traffic jams every morning and wasting time looking for a parking space. Would you like to buy an e-bike, but feel a little overwhelmed by the large selection? Then read on and find out what to look out for when making a purchase!

Electric bike buying tips Buying an e-bike what to look out for

With more than 1.4 million e-bikes sold in Germany in 2019, electric bicycles are the fastest growing segment of the bicycle industry. While the first models were mainly used by older people, there is now the right bike for every need and every age and all major bike manufacturers have included a wide variety of e-bikes in their range. It doesn’t matter whether you are conquering mountains, doing shopping or just want to get to the office quickly – owning an electric bike can be life-changing.

Buy an e-bike: consider your needs

E-bike buy which model for the city electric bike buying tips

Before you buy an e-bike, you should of course first think carefully about what you want to use it for. Do you only want to drive it into town or should it be suitable for longer journeys? While commuters should pay more attention to comfort and durable components, e-bikes with powerful batteries and motors are the best choice for off-road excursions. Buying advice is a good recommendation here. This also works in a for E-bikes online shop.

How to choose the right e-bike motor for you

Buy an e-bike tips electric bike motor range

The biggest advantage of e-bikes over conventional bicycles is of course the built-in motor that helps you ride. It is therefore particularly important to find the right drive system for your needs. A distinction is made between front, rear and mid-engine. Even if the mid-engine is the dominant operating mode, each of the variants has different advantages and disadvantages. A front engine is the cheapest option, but the changed steering behavior when driving and the higher weight take some getting used to. The mid-engine is usually lighter, ensures an ideal center of gravity, smooth running and lower power consumption. All of these properties make the e-bike a pleasant experience. The rear engine is more aggressive in acceleration than the other engines.

Buy an e-bike: It all depends on the storage capacity of the battery

Buy E-Bike Tips Electric Bike Models Differences

Just as with electric cars, the performance of the battery is also of crucial importance for e-bikes. Should this be removable and what range would be optimal for your needs? The biggest advantage of a detachable battery is that you can charge it anytime, anywhere from an electrical outlet. Most batteries are rated in Wh (watt hours), which can give you an idea of ​​how far you can go on a single charge. Depending on the model, the range of the battery can be up to 200 kilometers. For normal everyday use, however, a battery with 500 Wh and a range of 100-140 kilometers is completely sufficient. The information provided by the manufacturer is always based on the values ​​for optimal use. However, the decisive factors for the realistic range of the battery are the weather conditions, the weight of the driver, the average driving style and the level of support you have chosen. It is therefore best to buy an e-bike with a longer range than you actually need. When you buy an e-bike, it is best to choose a model with a lithium-ion battery, which is guaranteed to be light and very powerful.

The different e-bike models at a glance

Buy E-Bike Tips Mountain Bike Battery

The most important question when buying an e-bike is of course the model. To help you make your choice, below is a brief overview of the different types of electric bicycles.

  • E-mountain bikes are considered to be the 4 × 4 of the cycling world and are ideal for off-road trips and steep mountain tours. They are characterized by a short, manoeuvrable frame and thicker tires with a more grippy profile. The E-MTBs are generally equipped with a battery capacity of at least 400 – 750 Wh.
  • E-city bikes are perfect for those who mainly travel to the city. They usually have a 400-500 Wh battery with a range of around 60-200 kilometers.
  • E-folding bikes combine comfort, design and functionality in one. If you want to take your e-bike with you on vacation, you are in good hands with the foldable model. Electric folding bikes are in principle much lighter and can easily be folded into a small “package”.
  • Load e-bike – Are you tired of always doing the bike tours alone or only being able to bring half of the purchases home by bike? Then loads of e-bikes would be your salvation! They are equipped with a basket and luggage rack or a front load, and some models can even carry loads of up to 150 kilograms!

City e-bikes have a 500 Wh battery and a long range