An interesting and tasty coffee cup made from biscuit by Lavazza

Coffee cup made from biscuit by Lavazza pastry sugar

For many, coffee in the morning is an irreplaceable pleasure that is simply part of the wake-up program and influences the mood for the rest of the day for many. the Coffee cup made from biscuit from the Italian manufacturer Lavazza makes this enjoyment even better. Because thanks to their edible properties, the annoying washing up is simply a thing of the past. The edible coffee cup consists of a relatively thin but firm piece of cake and is coated with sugar on the inside. This layer of sugar ensures that the cup remains waterproof for a long time and does not soften as quickly. The sugar itself only gradually melts and sweetens your coffee at the same time as you drink it. This means that you no longer need any additional sugar to prepare the coffee. Your coffee cup is now practicing this task.

Coffee cup made from biscuit by Lavazza

Coffee cup-biscuit-lavazza eating sugar

By the time you finish your coffee, the biscuit will soften a little and will melt in your mouth when you eat it. Anyone who has dipped a biscuit in coffee knows how delicious and irresistible this combination is. So if there is something that is even better than the fact that the cup does not have to be washed in the end, then this is the delicious snack with the popular coffee that you get thanks to this original idea from the coffee maker.

Edible coffee cup made from biscuit with a sugar layer

Coffee cup-biscuit-lavazza-edible melt in your mouth

Of course, the biscuit can also be combined with other drinks. So if you prefer coffee or cocoa in the morning or afternoon, nothing will stop you from enjoying the biscuit cup with your favorite drink. We are sure that your mouth will water in the meantime. Treat yourself to something good or surprise your guests by serving them the hot drink in an edible coffee cup. That will make an impression and is guaranteed to provide conversation material.

Black espresso in a delicious cookie cup

Edible coffee cup made of biscuit by Lavazza design

Practical and delicious at the same time – coffee in a sugar cookie

coffee cup-biscuit-lavazza-coffee sugar