An innovative jet surf board – Flyboard ZR hoverboard


For all surf fans who not only trust the power of the wind and the waves, we have an innovative project to present. Flyboard ZR Hoverboard is a watercraft designed for extreme water adventures. It is easily handled by surfers and snowboarders thanks to the principle that applies to this watercraft. The difference between the conventional surf board and the snowboard is the connection with a stream of water, which actually generates the driving force. The balance in the air as a real acrobat is very well known to extreme athletes – because snowboarders often jump out of the ground over the ice. The surfers also perform jumps in the air, but they use the power of the wind on the rope or kite.

The Jet Surf Board Flyboard ZR Hoverboard – the snowboard in the water


The so-called flyboards became well known last year. But the manufacturers of this alternative to surfing keep on improving it. Now you put that Jet surf board, called the ZR Hoverboard. The innovation is similar to a snowboard that moves on the water thanks to a powerful stream of water.

Jet surf board that lets you fly


In the following video you can see how the device behaves under real conditions. The innovative Jet surf board  Flyboard ZR hoverboard, with which you can fly approx. 5 meters above the water surface, will soon be available on the market. It will cost around 4,300 euros. For owners of a flyboard, on the other hand, it is offered to simply have it converted for $ 2,675.

 The flyboard in action in the air


 A parabola in the air – thanks to the flow of water


A speed competition between flyboard athletes

water sport hoverboard jet surf board

 This sport is becoming very popular in the resort areas


 The innovative Flyboard ZR from Hoverboard is a lot of fun


 The flyboard and the mother boat

jet surf board sea adventure hoverboards

 The aerial figures are executed precisely and carefully