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Aquatic cycling – innovative idea from Schiller Sport


Schiller Sport Inc.. develops ‘X1 water bike’ – a new experience as a bike on water. Aquatic cycling is a further development of the project “baycycle” that has been started, which deals with a new form of cycling in which bicycles are set up on an air-filled basis. The 20 kg construction was made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel and offers maximum safety of use thanks to the two air-filled pontoons. The swinging twin propellers are controlled without rudders using only a bicycle handlebar. The user can turn left and right and also drive backwards, which otherwise only a few “Velocipede” in the world allow. A stimulating, dynamic and safe experience at a speed of 8 knots per hour (or 14.83 kilometers per hour). All photos made available are courtesy of Schiller Sport Inc.

Aquatic cycling is environmentally friendly and can be expanded in a few minutes 


Only the 250 series ‘X1 water bikes’ are manufactured with interchangeable saddles, steering wheels, heels and treads. This stable bike is offered in different colors and has a simple rotational movement which converts the maximum conversion of energy into driving force. A aquatic cycling with 100% use of human strength, which also means that there is no air pollution and zero emissions into the environment. Schiller sports products are even more environmentally friendly than most devices on the market, because they are easy to transport and you only need 10 minutes to assemble and disassemble individual parts from the trunk of your car.

Aquatic cycling for the extraordinary experience on water


From the beginning, the idea of ​​a design and manufacture of the highly developed, production-friendly bicycle on water was supported. Judah Schiller, founder and head of the company, tells how X1 reflects the collaboration of top designers, engineers and craftsmen who have developed something unique with the help of water sports experts. It was about time people got the incredible thrill and freedom aquatic cycling experience on the spectacular blue surface of mother earth. The water bike also offers a watertight locker for valuables and is a safe and exceptional way to do sports on two wheels.


A unique experience on the water

Bike-feet-pedal-cycling system

Propel system with human power