Vertical garden adorns the walls of a spa center in Vietnam

vertical garden house facade-ideas-modern-original

A new spa center in Vietnam promises a pure wellness experience. Pure Spa is a real work of art of modern architecture – the building was designed and completed by MIA Studio. The spa center is located in a densely populated area, but that is not noticeable inside. Cozy plants provide privacy and at the same time create a small oasis of calm and serenity, where visitors can relax in one of the 15 rooms.

The vertical garden provides privacy for visitors to the spa center

vertical-garden-create-olive-tree-garden-pond-privacy screen

The new spa center fascinates with a minimalist architectural style – the strict design language of the house facade is loosened up by local climbing plants. The combination of trees, water plants and flowering climbing plants created a vertical garden that is reminiscent of exotic islands. The 15 rooms and salons are shielded from the street by the plants. The building is also protected from the strong rays of the sun – and inside there is an exciting interplay of light and shadow. The gardens offer ample space for yoga lessons and numerous water therapies. You can relax and unwind in the designated mass rooms.

Vertical garden as a connecting element in the interior


The vertical garden also serves as a peculiar connecting element in the interior design – the individual rooms merge seamlessly into one another. New surprises await in every room – fragrant flowers, reeds, ornamental grasses and more. ensure a feel-good atmosphere.

Vertical garden – the facade of the new spa center in Vietnam


Climbing plants screen the courtyard


Exotic garden design with climbing plants – the yoga room


A wellness oasis where the eyes and the soul relax


Exciting play of light and shadow

vertical-garden-climbing plants-corridor-lighting-effects-play-shadows






Pure Spa was created by Mia design Studio designed