Useful tips for garden design: plan and create a garden path

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Garden paths and paths are important elements of the Garden design, which also serve a practical purpose. Several floor coverings, motifs and design options are suitable for road construction. However, there are no set rules for planning and laying out a garden path – only the size of the garden and personal preferences need to be taken into account.

Garden design – design motifs for garden paths


In the Garden design a cobblestone path does not always have to be laid. Even the paving stones are available in different shapes, sizes and colors and can be laid out in different ways so that you can walk on them comfortably. Gravel, stone and step plates are better suited for heavily used paths. Laying stepping stones is very easy and does not require a lot of effort. The concrete step plates, for example, are placed at a distance of about 60 cm. Clay bricks, for example, are also very hard-wearing and frost-hardy.

Garden design – tips for building paths

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Garden paths made of grass look very natural and cozy. A lawn path would be best if the green makes it partially invisible. In the Garden design a path as a lawn edge is a very practical alternative to a path in the lawn.

Design ideas for the garden – laying a romantic garden path 

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At a Garden design In the country house style, a garden path can sometimes look overgrown and overgrown by bushes and shrubs. It can be laid straight, but if you have natural obstacles in the garden, the garden path can also meander.

Natural design


Path inspired by Japanese garden art Stone slabs

Asian garden paths Plant road construction

A lawn surface is well suited for intensively used paths

Garden design lawn covering

Romantic stepping stones made of wood – winding path in the garden

Wooden decking garden step panels

Concrete pavement with grass in the joints – ideas for garden design 

Stone slabs laying lawn garden design

Lay a winding path in the garden

Design motive garden path planning laying

Lawn – gravel path with white step plates

Lawn area white flagstone floor covering

Unobtrusive garden path leads into a small garden area full of secrets

Garden path with grass in the joints

Gravel paths and sandstone slabs are always up to date

Lay the gravel path on the garden path

Garden path with white stones – lush planting in the garden

Create a garden path-stone path design ideas

Design garden paths with cobblestones

Lush garden architecture garden path stone paving

Romantic garden path courtyard gardening plan

Flooring garden design-ceramic flower pot

Clay brick garden flooring motifs design

Winding path create a brick garden path