Top 10 botanical gardens in Europe – beautiful flowers and plants

botanical garden Berlin Germany

If you are a hobby gardener and you are interested in plants and garden design, here is the top 10 botanical garden in Europe. Find out below which beautiful plants and flowers are presented there:

Botanical Garden in Berlin

Sights Berlin botanical garden

Botanical garden in Berlin – cacti

botanical garden Berlin cacti

Garden in Berlin – water lilies

Berlin water lilies pond

Lighting in the garden

botanical garden Berlin

When we talk about the most visited sights and gardens around the world, then of course it says  Botanical Garden way ahead in Berlin. Hobby gardeners from all over the world visit the garden to see more than 22,000 species of plants from around the world. Built between 1879 and 1910, this enormous botanical garden is located in Steglitz-Zehlendorf. The architect Adolf Engler designed the garden, which is now part of the free university in Berlin. In addition to the large herbarium, a large library is available to visitors.

Botanical garden in the Netherlands

Tulips garden design idea

Travel destinations for hobby gardeners – green garden

beautiful botanical gardens

Netherlands garden

Water pond plants botanical garden Netherlands

Green plants – garden design ideas

botanical garden Netherlands

Purple tulips

beautiful purple tulips

Oud-Valkenburg is one of the most popular gardens in the Netherlands. The garden is designed and maintained by volunteers from the Institution for Nature. Of the Botanic Garden is open to visitors and has many cozy corners with plants and herbs to offer.

The Monet Garden in Giverny

botanical garden-Monet

Summer flowers

Spring flowers in Monet's garden

Fresh garden design ideas

Sightseeing France

Water lilies – the Monet garden

beautiful pink water lily pond

Garden in spring

Spring garden design

Located 80 km from Paris, the Monet- Botanical Garden bears the name of the famous painter Claude Monet. He painted some of his most famous works in this garden. His house and garden are still very attractive to tourists today. They were opened to visitors in the 1980s. The garden offers beautiful spring flower compositions.

The Botanical Gardens in Kew, London

botanical garden england

Kew garden

Kew botanical garden

Romantic garden with flowers

fresh flowers plant garden

Green vegetation

Kew Garden England Landmarks

The Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh

Plants types botanical garden England

Located south of London, the 121 acre royal Botanic Garden is tended by 700 gardeners. Millions of visitors marvel at the largest collection of flowers and plants in the world. In 2009 the garden celebrated its 250th anniversary. More than 650 scientists look after 30,000 different plant species and seven million plants. The garden has a large library with more than 750,000 books.

Edinburgh Botanic Gardens – spring flowers

Spring Plants-Edinburgh Botanical Garden

Purple flowers

beautiful sights


Landscaping garden design

English garden – design ideas

Meadow Shrubs-English Landscaping

One of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Great Britain is located in Edinburgh. Dr. Andrew Balfour and Dr. Robert Sibbald designed the garden, originally with the aim of caring for plants for medicinal purposes. In any case, the garden has grown to such an extent that today over 15,000 species of plants can be admired there. Over 3 million plants are kept in the herbarium.

Generalife in Spain

Generalife Botanical Garden

Water fountain and aquatic plants

Fountain water plants

Summer in the garden

beautiful garden pond

Spanish garden – green trees

spanish garden design

The Generalife Garden in Spain was designed by Sultan Muhammad the Third. The large garden includes aquatic plants. In addition to nature, the garden impresses with a walkway, many statues and fountains. A backyard with a particularly beautiful garden design – Cypress attracts the attention of tourists. Of the Botanical Garden is very old and has been redesigned several times.

Botanical Garden in Munich

Nymphenburg Palace garden design ideas


botanical garden photos

Cacti in the glass house in Munich

botanical garden Munich cacti

Botanical garden – colorful flowers

botanical garden plant species

Nymphenburg Palace was once a home for the royal family. Ferdinand Maria gave the land to his wife in 1662. In 1664 the construction of the castle and the adjoining garden began. The gardens were specially designed so that the royal family feels comfortable in summer. Accessible by subway and not far from the city center, today the botanical garden in Munich has a special attraction.

Botanical garden in Rotschild, France

Park France-modern gardens

Park in France

Park France design

Pond in the garden

Pond garden park France

Sights in France – Villa Ephrussi

France Prospect Garden

Modern garden design

cozy park France

Located in France, this one Botanic Garden in France has a Mediterranean flavor. The garden has a great attraction for tourists from all over the world. Even the French government declared the park one of the most remarkable gardens for France. The famous garden designer from France Achille Duchene “modeled” this garden.

Botanical Gardens in Austria

Glass house Austria palm trees

Schönbrunn Castle

Travel destination Schönbrünn-Austria

The maze of Schönbrünn

Maze Schönbrunn Austria

Park in Austria

Garden parks Austria

Some of the most beautiful gardens and parks are located in Austria. The classic maze of Schönbrünn Palace is an absolute must for all hobby gardeners. Enjoy the views!

Park in Zurich

Botanical Garden Zurich Switzerland

Exotic plants in the greenhouse

botanical garden glass house

Botanical garden in Switzerland

exotic plant greenhouse

Travel destination Switzerland – sights

beautiful plants and flowers

Located in Riesbach, a district of Zurich, these parks are home to thousands of plant species and flowers. Some of them are very rare to meet in nature. Visitors can see some exotic flowers like Madagascan Angraecum orchid, garden snowball and Christmas cactus. The garden is open to visitors every day.