Tips for a good terrace privacy protection: What are the options?

Terrace privacy screen seating wall potted plants

The open terrace is a favorite place for many people, where they spend the warm days together with family and friends. Even if a good neighborhood is cultivated, one wants a quiet retreat where one can enjoy one’s free time undisturbed. So that you protect your privacy outdoors, we present the various options for a practical terrace privacy screen. We’ll reveal below which materials are best suited for this.

In this way you protect the seat in the garden from unwanted looks

Patio privacy screen garden tips fence

With a good privacy screen, you can enjoy a stay outdoors undisturbed by curious neighbors or passers-by. But before you make a choice, look at all of the options. This is the only way to determine exactly which material and which design best suit your own garden. You can choose between finished elements made of wood or glass or opt for a natural alternative such as a hedge.

Privacy screen for terrace and garden made of glass

Terrace privacy screens made of glass garden design ideas

If you are looking for a really effective privacy screen for your outdoor area, then glass is one of the best materials for it. It looks stylish and modern and goes well with different garden styles. In order for the glass to keep the curious glances of the neighbors away, however, it must be colored or satined. In this way, the glass elements are opaque and provide good protection from strangers’ eyes. A Glass privacy screen is perfect for outdoor use as it is weatherproof and easy to clean. In addition, the glass panes can be printed with any motif, which enables individual garden design. If you have a small seat in the garden, the privacy screen elements made of glass offer a practical and durable solution.

Wooden elements as a terrace privacy screen

Privacy screen patio garden wooden fence flowers

Since nature is the focus in the garden, wood is another good material for privacy protection. A privacy fence is not only used for practical purposes, it is also an important design element. Wood elements come in different shapes and colors, from glazed to painted or with a natural look. So that you can completely block the view from the outside, a minimum height of 1.80 meters is recommended for the terrace privacy screen. However, if wood is used outdoors, it should be treated regularly, for example with varnish or glaze.

Ideas terrace privacy screen trellis wood plants

If you want to make your privacy fence not only practical, but also decorative, then you can also consider climbing elements made of wood. These look beautiful and can be decorated with various climbing plants and flowering flower pots to provide better privacy.

Masonry screens from the terrace

Privacy screen terrace fireplace through masonry

Walls provide another effective privacy screen for the garden and terrace. This is a massive stone or concrete structure that separates your own property from that of the neighbors. Because of its massive construction, a wall can serve as a practical privacy screen for the outside area. However, it does not fit every garden style and should be well adapted to the architecture of the house. It must also be noted that in this case, too, the minimum height of the wall as a privacy screen is 1.80 meters. If you decide on this variant, you have to consider in advance whether such massive masonry would not look too dominant in the garden.

Natural privacy screen for terrace and garden area

green hedge as terrace privacy protection tips

If you attach great importance to natural garden design, green hedges as privacy screens are definitely the right choice. The thicker the hedge, the more opaque the green wall becomes. Good examples of densely growing hedges are the yew and arborvitae. They are evergreen and therefore just as effective in summer as in winter. A hedge can still be wonderfully combined with low walls and creates a beautiful green backdrop in the outdoor area.

With an opaque terrace privacy screen, you can relax in the garden – undisturbed by prying eyes!