The metal bed frame ensures more order in the garden

Bed border made of metal -steel-color-pattern-lawn-tip

If you want to design your garden as imaginatively as possible and at the same time want more order, you can go through the different areas Metal bed frame delimit. This can be worked into the ground at lawn level and remains almost invisible next to the plants. Another option is to opt for a slightly higher variant, which already has a different design value.

Install the metal bed frame

Bed border made of metal - installation-technology-assembly-floor

Compared to the plastic bed border, this one made of metal is more durable, does not become brittle over time and is not damaged when maneuvering the lawn. Elements made of stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum are particularly popular. In the last few years the rust look or the so-called Corten steel has been very popular.

The metal bed frame is flexible and can be shaped in a playful way

Bed border made of metal -copper-snail-round-rockery-ornamental grass

However, lawn edges and bed borders made of metal cannot easily be worked into the ground. It should be clean of stones and woody roots. If you are going to process the edging elements yourself, landscape architects advise you to choose which ones to drive in. Normally, the bed border is 20 centimeters deep in the earth’s surface.

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Metal bed frame in a round shape

Bed border made of metal - rust - corten steel - snail - silver leaf - modern garden design

Some designs go completely into the ground, others stay above ground. It is important to note that a height in between is a trip hazard. The low height of 1-2 centimeters can easily be overlooked. In addition, some plant species, such as ground cover and low perennials, need reasonable delimitation from the lawn so that they are not injured when maneuvering the lawn.

The metal border keeps the snails away

Bed border made of metal - rust - corten steel - round - steps - slope

If you want to enclose some areas in the garden, you definitely need careful planning of all the desired plant species and materials that you will use. Gravel and lawns can be framed with a low profile and plant beds need additional height so that the substrate does not fall away.

Bed surrounds made of metal – Corten steel is the trend


Bedding can also be used successfully with a clean lawn. This allows you to shape wood corners very neatly without spoiling the overall look. Metal profiles are very popular in public parks because they are durable and very resistant.

Metal bed surrounds with a rust look in public parks


In connection with contemporary architecture, modern garden design tends towards straight, geometric, minamistic forms and concepts. The metal is wonderfully suitable for the goal and is also very resistant to external influences.

Modern, geometric garden design with a metal bed frame


This can be used to create really attractive and playful shapes. Thin steel and aluminum are flexible, easy to shape and at the same time very stable vertically. With profiles made of galvanized steel or the modern Corten steel, plant beds can be supported on a slope and a very modern look is achieved.

Bed border made of metal ‘wave’

bedding-metal-rust-corten-steel-wave-stone-garden-decorative wood

Landscape architects achieve playful designs with the help of metal bed frames to show that garden art knows no bounds. The sensible metal meeting frame enables new shapes and garden design on several levels. This allows different types of plants to be grown side by side, which usually need different substrates or which do not thrive well because of the other’s roots.

Bedding made of metal with a rusted look is the top trend

Bed border-metal-rust-corten steel - garden-art-pergola-garden house

The border of the bed delimits the root growth of one or the other neighboring plant and serves as a snail guard. It separates plants and substrates from each other, which makes maintenance and gardening much easier, and at the same time is a mechanical solution against snails. The snails need a good grip in order to slide; this is not possible with the smooth surface of the metal.

Modern garden design with garden sculptures and lawn edges made of metal


Bedding made of metal can be wonderfully combined with modern garden art and outdoor sculptures, as these are usually made of this material. In addition, a stable base in the specific area can be obtained afterwards.

Bed border made of metal – stainless steel

bedding-metal-steel-gravel-white-mulch-ornamental grass

A bed border made of metal clearly separates the different materials that are used for beautiful garden design. Thin profiles made of stainless steel enable curved shapes and thus an interesting fusion of gravel and mulch, for example.

Metal bed surrounds for modern garden design


Metal bed frames do not allow the different materials, such as gravel, mulch and substrate, to mix. So the small white pebbles stay clean from the mud or confusing fallen leaves.

Metal lawn edges – clearly separate gravel, lawn and flowerbed 


No other material for lawn edging is so suitable for modern garden design, where geometric shapes and straight lines are in great demand.

Bed border made of metal in the rock garden 

bedding-metal-steel-gravel-color-rockery-desert garden

You want to use stones of several colors or sizes in your garden, but you must not mix them. You can achieve the same effect if you install metal bed frames. Curved or straight shapes are easy to create with it. Just plan in advance what you want exactly where.

Metal bed frame on the roof terrace – Hayes Valley, San Francisco


Another type of steel bed frame can be seen on the rooftop terrace of Hayes Valley in San Francisco. Viewed from one angle, you can see metal raised beds with different shapes, from the other – abstract waves covered with various houseleek.

Metal bed frame in the front yard


A bed border made of steel can sensibly protect the plants in the front yard against entry. It shouldn’t be very high, about 5-8 centimeters are enough to suppress the undesired overflow of the garden.

Separate the mulch from the lawn with a metal border

bed-edging-metal-aluminum-lawn-mulch-decorative-wood-shrub-front garden

The aluminum bed frame borders surfaces and leaves them clean. It is particularly pliable and very flexible – even curves and arcs are possible. The profiles are joined together and fixed and installed in the floor using butt connectors.

Bed border made of metal – aluminum


To get the profile with a 90-degree angle, a special corner element is required. All other shapes are very easy to achieve and assembly is easier than with the steel profiles.

Shape the flexible metal bed frame into a wave shape

Bed border-metal-aluminum-gravel-white-ornamental grass-mulch

Metal bed frame – wavy aluminum flower bed frame


Aluminum profiles for edging beds are also available in the form of a low fence, which separates low-growing plants, for example from the lawn, and makes them appear more present.

Antique metal bed frame


In order to look forward to the bed border for a long time, you should choose a metal that is rust-free. Stainless steel and aluminum are characterized by excellent properties that are totally good for outdoor use. Other metal alloys will change over time and rust.

Antiquity Metal bed frame made of rusted iron


Antique bed frames are mostly made of cast iron and characterize playful, complicated shapes. Iron rusts over time and if this look is not desired, the painting with special varnish for gardening and maintenance will be included.

Antiquity The metal bed border separates the taller plants