The landscape architect Dave Kelly presents his garden ideas

garden design by dave kelly sea view

In the middle of winter, we remember this beautiful Garden ideas by Dave Kelly that the warm summer days are just a breath away. A garden is a place that tells us something about the seasons and connects us to the natural crescent run.

In this case, this garden draws other parallels. It combines the interior of the beautiful stone house with the outside landscape of the great natural wildness.

Garden ideas for a sensual garden paradise

garden design by dave kelly landscape

Of course this became Garden ideas carefully planned and designed, but the human intervention would be shown very subtly. The structure of the garden is clearly defined by the limestone structure. The same stone type connects the garden with the solid country house design. The plants were considered with the dry climate on the coast. The soft shapes of rosemary and lavender contrast beautifully with the rough rustic walls and the thorn-like exotic palm lilies.

Covered terrace with a view of the garden

garden design by dave kelly covered terrace

These Garden ideas in Croatia are designed for the senses, the tactile properties are immediately visible and the fragrant plants trigger a wonderful aroma when painted. The plants promote the fine geometry of regions like the gazebo, which was built to support juicy grape rains. The elegant Cyprus cedar reflects the vertical elements of the columns and entrances. The ancient twisted and coiled olive trees embrace the wildness of the region. The color has not been forgotten here either. Cuddled in the middle of the green landscape, the citrus plants, the dry bushes and the delicate flowers add a liveliness to the environment. Of course, the feeling for a good taste is strengthened by the fruit trees and medicinal herb bushes.

Garden ideas from Croatia – perfect for rest and relaxation

garden design by dave kelly beautiful terrace

These Garden ideas have a romantic quality that inspires a relaxed atmosphere. It immediately relates to the coastal environment, which rigid planting would not have achieved. The extremely tempting view of the sea, the pure blue sky and the coastline are framed by the sensitive vegetation.

The breathtaking view from the dining room

garden design by dave kelly view dining room

It is surely one of the most wonderful places to relax and share magical moments with friends and family. During the day the view will be fabulous under the sun, and in the evening it will be illuminated like a fairytale. This beautiful Garden ideas look like a piece of paradise from Croatia.

The facade of the stone villa in Croatia

garden design by dave kelly facade villa

Garden view from the kitchen

garden design by dave kelly view kitchen

The transition from the living room to the garden

garden ideas by dave kelly living room stone

Lemon tree in the garden

garden ideas by dave kelly lemon tree

The lilac tree for an exotic feel

garden ideas by dave kelly tree lilac

Interesting plant species in Dave Kelly’s garden landscape

garden design by dave kelly Santolina chamaecyparissus

The stone rose orchid for more color in the garden

garden design by dave kelly orchid rockrose