The garden in spring – How to create a colorful flower bed

Design ideas to skillfully combine fresh spring flowers

Do you like flowers? Then, like many other flower lovers, you want to have a nice corner with your favorite flowers and enjoy them for a whole season. Wouldn’t that be great? In nature, there are a large number of species of perennial flowers that bloom in the same place for a long time. The key to a well-groomed Garden in spring is constant maintenance. It is clear to everyone that if you want to have a long and lush flowering period, it is also necessary to take great care of your own garden. Regular fertilization, watering, pruning of the flowers or reinforcement of the plant are required.

The garden in spring – choose interesting and unpretentious flowers

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If you have a sunny Garden in spring you can plant interesting and relatively undemanding flowers there that make wonderful combinations. We recommend you to pair the golden yellow rudbeckia, elegant lilies and sun eyes (heliopsis) together. In a modest floral composition, you can also include the blue-violet tones of the flowers ehinops, the flamingo phlox and phlomis. In both cases, you will achieve a spectacular look.

The garden in spring – combining flowers and grasses

Design ideas combine fresh flowers grasses

As an additional addition, you can use golden grasses for the Garden in spring Add. You can add decorative grass (Ornamental Millet) or the Chinese reed (Miscanthus), which will delight you with wonderful shapes for many years to come. If your garden is lit by the sun in the morning and evening, then you can combine fragrant geraniums with filipendula (Rubra magnifica) or the decorative leafy cabbage that blooms in late summer will be a great addition to this composition.

Garden in spring – siting and tillage

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Good plant growth depends on the choice of location and soil cultivation. Clean the soil of all possible weeds. Just before planting, add fertilizers to improve soil quality. Exceptions are the flowers with a silver-gray color of the leaves, they grow best in weak soil.

Spectacular flower compositions that won’t let your eyes go

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For a spectacular flower composition, it is best to choose plants of different heights. As a rule, low-growing plant species are grown in the foreground and those growing in height in the background. Each plant wants as much space available as it needs to grow. The flowering time of your plants should also be considered when choosing them. So, from spring to autumn you will experience a real play of colors in your garden.

What types of flowers could you plant in your garden to achieve a quirky look there??

We can recommend the following types of flowers that will make your garden more colorful and effective.

Paddling pool for a happy mood

Design ideas for the garden border create a flowerbed

The rudbeckia also shine on the dark days and give you a good mood even in the early morning. They bloom continuously from August to September. The rudbeckia grow to a height of about 80 cm.

Sun hats and filipendula

fresh flowers garden summer spring design ideas

If you have a sunny area in your garden and the soil there is damp, you can create a wonderful floral composition of the flowers Echinacea (sun hats) and Filipendula.

Iris – exquisite flowers for your garden

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The exquisite shape and color of the iris make your garden appear even more attractive and picturesque. This flower is planted in a sunny, humid place where it will thrive.

How can you find the last ideas in today’s post? Hopefully you will be able to use some of this in your garden as well. We will be happy about it.

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