The best plant species for the water garden and garden pond

plant species for the water garden information

Here you can find important information about which Plant species for the water garden are best suited. Add natural beauty to the garden pond!

1. Plant species for the water garden – lotus

Lotus peony-like flowers in garden pond

One of the most elegant Plant species for the water garden has large exotic flowers like peonies and blooms all summer. The flowers come in a range of colors and are a perfect complement to the beautiful blue-green leaves.

2. Plant species for the water garden – Louisiana Iris

Louisiana Iris water garden pond construction shore

The Louisiana iris comes from North America. Many hybrids have been developed, but one of the most elegant is the red-flowered species Iris fulva, or terracotta iris.

3. Yellow pitcher plant – Sarracenia hybrid

tube plant water garden plant species

This plant is carnivorous, which means it eats insects. Enjoy the tubular leaves as well as the fascinating red, purple, yellow or green flowers in spring.

4. Indian flower tube

Planting a cane in the garden pond

The flower cane are popular, old-fashioned plants that are rarely used in the water garden. They add a refreshing, tropical feel to your landscape.

5. Sweet flag

aquatic plants calamus plant species

Grow these plants for striking foliage. Different types offer light cream and green stripes that stand out among the other plants.

6. Rain lilies

rain lily garden pond water garden plant

Like a crocus for garden ponds, the rain lilies have delicate flowers in the summer months. Colors – pink, purple, yellow and white.

7. Bulrush

Cattail water garden pond construction

A fast growing plant with brown spherical flowers and beautiful green leaves.

8. Siebold’s primrose

Japanese sword lily garden pond

The perfect little plant for the bank of the garden pond is the Siebold’s primrose. They are lovely perennials that thrive in acidic soils.

9. Perennial hibiscus

Perennial Hibiscus water garden suitable plant species

You can use the large, bold flowers of the hibiscus for a dramatic show. Native to the humid areas of North America, this perennial is as long-lived and easy to grow as it is lovely.

10. Japanese sword lily

Marsh sword lily purple water garden

The Japanese sword lily is another favorite among them Plant species for the water garden. The large flowers offer a charming palette of color combinations.

11. Taro

taro elephant ears planting garden pond

Create a tropical look with taro (sometimes called elephant ears). For added drama, choose one of the beautiful purple-leafed varieties.

12. Papyrus

Papyrus plant species suitable for water gardens

While the ancient Egyptians used this plant to make paper, it is also a great choice for the garden pond. The tall stems give the garden a decidedly tropical look.

13. Water lily

plant species water garden pond construction lily

A water garden is not complete without a number of beautiful water lilies. There are tropical and hardy species, as well as varieties that bloom during the day and night.