Summer flowers in the garden – wonderful ideas for flower pot arrangements

Summer flowers in the garden Mediterranean-garden

Every gardener looks forward to a wonderful display of flowers in their own garden. Especially in summer is the right time to relax in the carefully designed green oasis. With beautiful arrangements in planters you can then set accents and – why not – test the design of the flower beds next year. Because from now on, the summer flowers are skilfully combined in the garden! We show how to do it!

Summer flowers in the garden – create a cozy oasis with a wonderful display of flowers

Summer flowers in the garden planter-metal-seasonal

The flowers that bloom from the beginning of June to the end of August are called summer flowers. These include snapdragons, roses, daisies, lilies, calories, carnations, orchids, passion flowers, pansies and of course the beautiful petunias. Together with evergreen shrubs, ground cover and flags, they can be perfectly staged in a planter and can set accents in the front garden. A perfect example of this – the symmetrically placed planters can border the lawn or the garden path, decorate the terrace or spice up the house entrance. These fit harmoniously in the formal or Mediterranean garden.

Summer flowers in the garden – formal design with a Mediterranean touch

Summer flowers in the garden hyacinth blue garden entrance

Nowadays, the stylish flower arrangements in planters are mainly to be found in formal gardens. They give the outside area a structured look and create a visual connection between the individual zones. Planters decorate the garden path, the outside staircase, the pergola or even the pool area. You will find numerous inspirations in the photo gallery!

Summer flowers in the garden – formally designed house entrance

Summer flowers garden roses ideas pictures

Planters with petunias as an accent in the garden

Arranging summer flowers-garden-planter-garden path

Orange and pink petunias in the garden

Summer flowers in the garden petunias-pink-orange stairs

Design the garden in the country house style – the planters give a Mediterranean look

Summer flowers-garden-petunias-red-white-garden path

Ornamental grasses and flowers form an attractive ensemble

Summer flowers-garden-planter-arranging-front yard

Decorate the garden stairs accordingly

Summer flowers garden tree flowers pops of color

Arrange the summer flowers in a large tall planter

Summer flowers garden garden statue fuchsias petunias

Formal garden design with seasonal flowers – fuchsias and petunias

Summer flowers garden design formal ideas

Yellow and white petunias for the Mediterranean garden

Summer flower garden yellow and white petunia ideas

Fan flower with blue and yellow flowers

Summer flowers-garden-ideas-planter-blue-fan flower

Petunias, daisies and evergreen ground cover in a charming arrangement


Formal garden design – with purple and red petunias

Summer flowers garden purple petunia stairs design

Summer flower garden forget-me-not Mediterranean ideas

Summer flowers-garden-white-daisies-evergreen-ground cover

Summer flower garden white petunia flag planter

Summer flowers garden boxwood petunia daisies

Summer flowers-garden-evergreens-perennials-purple-petunias

Summer flowers-garden-planter-modern-terrace

Summer flowers-garden-cozy-kalien-plant pots

Summer flowers-garden-mediterranean-purple-petunias

Summer flowers-garden-ideas-rose-fuchsias-white-hydrangeas

Summer flowers-garden-lobelia-blue-purple

Summer flowers-garden-lobelia-laguna-species-blue-yellow

Summer flowers garden ideas Mediterranean style

Summer flower garden purple pink fuchsia planter

Summer flowers-garden-mediterranean-terrace-plant pot

Summer flowers-garden-Mediterranean-citrus-tree-flowers-pink-petunias

Summer flowers garden petunias fuchsias daisies

Summer flowers-garden-petunias-fuchsias-forget-me-nots

Summer flowers-garden-petunias-purple-fragrant plants-boxwood

Summer flowers-garden-petunin-purple-pink-fan flower-white-yellow-daisies

Summer flowers-garden-planter-purple-petunias

Summer flower garden plant pot magic bells ideas

Summer flowers-garden-pink-lobelia-blue-hydrangeas

Summer flower garden pink daisies planter

Summer flower garden rose flower pot arranging ideas

Summer flowers-garden-perennials-petunias-yellow-color

Summer flowers-garden-terrace-natural stone floor-pink-hydrangeas

Summer flower garden white petunia design ideas

Summer flower-garden-white-petunia-fan flower-purple