Raised bed in the garden – a new project from Poland

Raised bed in the garden resembling infinity signs-herb-spiral

A raised bed in the garden with a difference – the innovative sculpture made of metal and wood was designed by the talented artist Adam Kalinowski. The project was implemented as part of the application of the city of Wroclav in Poland for European Capital of Culture. The installation not only impresses with its attractive appearance, but also scores with functionality – it offers alternatives to plant boxes and pots in public buildings and blends harmoniously into the urban landscape.

Raised bed in the garden – sculpture with the shape of the infinity symbol

Raised bed-garden-modern-sculpture-appealing-optics

The modern sculpture has the shape of the infinity sign – similar to the herb spiral, this construction ensures that there is space for both shady, semi-shady and sun-loving plants. More than 100 types of plants can be found in the flower boxes – visitors and gardeners have direct access to all of them. Grasses, shrubs, ferns, but also many flowers that bloom at different times of the year, create a unique garden in the limited space.

Raised bed in the garden – the spiral symbolizes infinity

Raised bed-garden-park-Wroclaw-innovative-project

The construction is more than three meters high and consists of a metal frame and wooden box. At the same time, the peculiar spiral is a space-saving alternative and can in future also be built in courtyards of public buildings, at bus stops, and practically anywhere where desired. We are definitely very enthusiastic about the project!

Grasses, shrubs and native flowers can be found in the spiral

Raised bed-garden-metal-wood-made

The allotment garden symbolizes the infinite connection between man and nature

Raised bed-garden-ideas-metal-wood-manufactured-accessible

Raised bed in the garden – the construction is over 3 meters high

Raised bed-garden-project-public-space-urban greening

Both shade and sun-loving plants can be found on the different levels

Raised bed garden spiral infinity sign

The flowers bloom at different times of the year

Raised bed-garden-create-project-Poland

The construction not only supports the plants, but also the soil

Raised bed garden visitor city park Wroclaw

The project was presented in the Polish city of Wroclaw

Raised bed-garden-spiral-visitor-high-plants

The innovative idea was implemented as part of the city’s candidacy for European Capital of Culture

Raised bed-garden-planting-idea-spiral-shaped

Project by Adam Kalinowski