Proper lawn care: what is important when mowing the lawn

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For the proper lawn care the lawn should be mowed once a week in summer. The lawnmower should be set to a height of approx. 2-3 cm. Although no more than a third of the height of the lawn should be removed each time the lawn is mowed, the more intensively the lawn is used, the more recommendable it is to mow it. This stimulates the growth and the trampled and damaged parts are removed. You should mow the lawn when the ground is dry and the lawn is dry. If you missed mowing the lawn, do it twice the next time. Adjust the lawnmower so that each time it cuts half of the omitted height and has a height of at least 5-6 cm or more, depending on how high the grass has grown. The second time, reduce the height to 3-4 cm.

the proper lawn care and mowing depending on the weather

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It might sound complicated at first, but you will find that the proper lawn care is not that difficult and you get used to it quickly. You should note that the lawn should be longer on hotter days to be able to retain moisture. In contrast, it has to be cut drastically on rainy days. In this way, the excess water can better evaporate. But that also depends on the soil. So rely on your instincts.

After all, nobody knows your garden better than you do, and such advice from a distance is always relatively imprecise. And if you do have any problem with the lawn, such as changes in color, drying out, stains, greasy stains, insects, fading and anything else that looks suspicious, don’t waste time seeking advice from a specialist. The easiest and fastest way to die in the garden is the lawn, because it is often the first recipient of plant diseases. This is because the lawn is always moist and warm, which are the most favorable conditions for bacteria and fungi to develop.

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