Privacy protection for the garden – screen with flowers and plants

Privacy screen for garden clematis-pergola-romantic-wood-garden furniturePrivacy protection for garden modern-terrace-bamboo-seating area

We offer ideas just like you Privacy screen for the garden secure – use plants and flowers to shield your privacy.

Privacy protection for the garden – trees and bushes as a natural screen

Privacy screen for garden clematis-pergola-romantic-wood-garden furniture

Save the Privacy screen for the garden, by planting tall shrubs and evergreen trees at the garden entrance. You will protect your private area well without the design being too strict. Combine the tall trees with decorative lawns to set accents. Classic are wooden fences with climbing plants. The patio can also be screened off with a wooden pergola and awning. Water in the garden not only has a calming effect, it can also provide privacy. So you can build tall fountains or a waterfall in the garden. Tall ceramic vessels with flowers are perfect decorations and can serve as privacy screens. For maximum effect, place the vessels on two stone pillars next to the garden door. Planted walls are a popular choice for those with limited space and neighbors close by.

Privacy screen for the garden – wooden fence and flowers

Privacy screen for garden climbing plants-veranda-stzhl-wood-blue

As I said, wooden fences and flowers are real classics Privacy screen for the garden regards. But so that it does not appear too shielded and closed, you can plan small openings on the garden door. Wooden pergola and stone wall look natural and are a good combination for a country-style garden. If you want an effective variant, you should not only think about the look indoors, but also outdoors. So it is a good idea to plant both sides of the garden fence. Ivy is a good option for romantic souls who would like to have a house in the forest. Even if you want to shield your garden from strangers’ eyes, make the interior open and avoid visual barriers. This way, your guests will be able to marvel at the whole garden and you don’t always have to stumble over planters. We wish you a lot of fun with the garden design!

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