Privacy fence in the garden – 28 ideas on how to maintain privacy

Privacy fence in the garden bar modern design bench upholstery wood

Everyone knows the problem – in April you are already fed up with the gloomy winter days and you can hardly wait for spring to come. And as soon as it gets warmer, people like to spend a lot of time outdoors. If the garden is not well shielded from strangers, one does not feel comfortable. A Privacy protection in the garden helps to preserve privacy and to create a refuge in the middle of the big city.

Privacy fence in the garden – which materials are available?

Privacy fence in the garden wall stone look idea lounge bench

For the Privacy fence in the garden Materials such as concrete, stone, wood and bamboo can come into question. Each material has advantages and disadvantages. The wooden fence is the quickest to build, but the wood must be oiled / or painted at least twice a year. The plastic fence has also grown in popularity in recent years – it’s basically a cheaper option. Stone walls, concrete walls and gabions are more stable, but you also have to reckon with greater effort when building.

Build a privacy fence in the garden yourself or have it built?

Privacy fence in the garden wood boards horizontal terrace idea

The question of whether you have the Privacy fence in the garden Build it yourself or hire a company to do the job, depends on several factors. A wall made of gabions or natural stone should be built by experts – otherwise the risk of injury is too great. The foundation is decisive for the stability of the construction. But even if you are not necessarily skilled in the craft, you can build a wooden fence from prefabricated parts. Many manufacturers offer prefabricated elements that are then assembled on site. Above all, it is important that the parts are milled out so that the rainwater can run off. The disadvantage – they cannot be modified.

Curtains as privacy screens

Privacy fence in the garden pavilion modern curtains white day bed

Vertical garden

Privacy fence in the garden vertical garden flower boxes wood

Successful privacy protection in the garden – well shielded seating area

Seating area garden wood garden bench glass paravent

The stone wall gives the garden rural charm

create tall trees perennials evergreen plants

Build a sealing fence yourself

shape high fence concrete bench flooring pebbles

The garden is surrounded by a high wooden fence

Flooring high sealing fence build prefabricated wood elements

House in the middle of the big city – the garden is shielded from strangers

Design the garden of the big city

Roof terrace with privacy screen – screen with LED lighting

LED fairy lights roof terrace privacy screen stone flooring

Preserve privacy with a sealing fence

Create a concrete path

beautiful optics terrace privacy protection ideas building options

Fence plastic semi-transparent matted metal construction

 Wall garden wood fence tall trees privacy screen

Concrete original privacy screen build yourself garden

Neighbor houses privacy protection plants stone slabs seating area

Concrete walls can be built to organize seating

Terrace sealing fence build concrete wall plant ideas

Concrete slabs pebbles hearth open hedge plants

Privacy protection ideas climbing plants wooden fence pergola

Plastic metal integrated LED lighting seating area fireplace

Bench flagstone seating area trees high

Balcony privacy screen plants bucket wooden fence

Architecture family house concrete wood fence front

Courtyard house Japanese style shape seating area