New project for city park with an innovative concept

Plant system seating garden bench white color

Cherokee Square Park in Guthrie, Kentucky is under renovation. The new City park project includes the installation of a new lighting system, the construction of several hundred additional seats and the renovation of the old stages. What may sound boring at first glance is in fact an exciting new concept that could affect city parks around the world.

Project for city park – new installation combines stage and lighting in one

Installation project bench panels plastic modules

That City park project is a work of the design studio Takebayashi Scroggin and was recently unveiled to the public. A modern installation is to be installed in the center of the park – it will be assembled from several elements. Each element consists of a garden bench with a slightly sinuous shape and a construction for a vertical garden. Succulents or trees can be planted in the construction. And who doesn’t want to sit under the cooling shade of a tree? An LED lighting system will also be built into the construction so that guests and residents of the city can enjoy the long summer evenings outside. Incidentally, it is made of plastic – the material is extremely durable and can withstand heat, rain and frost without any problems.

The individual modules can be connected to one another, or they can be installed in the entire park as independent units. They fascinate with their clear lines and minimalist design – which, by the way, has become the trademark of the design studio. The maquette was recently introduced – now the design looks a bit cold, but the landscaping architects will certainly embellish the plastic modules with a lot of creativity.

Project for a city park in Kentucky – this is what the park should look like in the end

City park facility view above modern design

Each module consists of several parts that are assembled on site

Installation plan modernization city park USA Kentucky

The Maquette was recently presented – this is what the garden bench looks like

Plastic vertical garden flooring city park project

  The material is plastic – extremely durable and stable

City park garden bench tree place new project

The individual modules are then scattered around the park or assembled together in one unit

Modernization plastic construction project tree garden bench lighting system

After the city park has been planted with greenery, the synthetic floor will no longer be seen

Garden bench seat vertical garden plastic

The garden bench has a slightly sinuous shape

Installation bench tree flooring ideas USA city park

LED lamps city park renovate installation floor plastic

Installation city park blueprint details view above

Park installation details construction project construction plan several elements