Modern landscape architecture – Sculptural city park in the USA

Trees Perennials Garden Fountains Concrete Paths Benches

The architectural office Cliff garden studio has created a new city park in the heart of San Francisco, USA. We were totally fascinated by the sculptural look of the garden – the landscaping architects skillfully combined the individual elements such as benches, garden paths and garden fountains and created complete symmetry. That modern landscape architecture – The project is called Ribbons and is part of a government program for open space planning.

Modern landscape architecture – Ribbons is based on the classic garden design principles

City Park USA Sculptural Look Front View

 Inspired by the classic design principles of Arthur Brown, who attached great importance to symmetry in the garden, the Ribbons project is actually an exciting mix of classic and minimalism. The traditional English and French gardens were modernized – concrete benches and garden paths were built, and two stone garden fountains were installed. The soft, curvy shapes of the park make it look natural and cozy. The individual elements flow into each other and you can’t even tell where they are modern landscape architecture begins and where it ends.

Modern landscape architecture promotes environmental protection

Project City Park USA San Francisco Landmarks

 These modern landscape architecture  fascinates not only with an innovative concept and perfect execution in details, but above all with the use of recycled materials. Natural resources must be saved – according to this motto, a modern irrigation system was installed and perennials and trees that require little water were planted.

Creating a garden path – The city park in San Francisco

Ideas examples of modern open space design garden path

Classic meets minimalism – the city park in San Francisco is already one of the sights

Stairway Trees Perennials City Park San Francisco USA

Rest after the end of the working day in the city park – modern concrete benches

Trees city park modern open space design idea

Environmental protection – water-saving irrigation system has been specially installed

Concrete slabs garden fountain stone perennials symmetrical design

Complete symmetry was created – the individual elements flow into one another

Design garden paths create bench concrete sinuous shape

Concrete bench – were made for construction only recycled materials are used

Build your own concrete using recycled materials

Imaginative woman room design -excellent example of modern landscape architecture

Garden path sinuous shapes concrete floor perennials

The blueprint – view from above

USA blueprint view above garden design

The second project is a city park in Springfield, Washington

Design idea summer Washington landmarks

A modern metal and stone sculpture is mounted in the center of the park

Sculpture modern lawn summer sun landscaping

The park in Washington by day

City Park USA Modern Landscape Architecture Landscaping

The city park in Washington in the evening

Garden sculpture lighting city park Washington modern

Design LED fairy lights benches trees city park USA

LED fairy lights plan trees modern city park USA