Make compost yourself – quick tips for hobby gardeners

Make box yourself fertilizer

Make compost yourself is a pretty easy task. You don’t need a lot of previous knowledge to learn how to compost. We give you some tips and advice that you may find useful.

Making compost yourself – first steps

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Before You Make compost yourself, you need to find the right crate according to personal needs. Standard compost boxes made of plastic are very functional, although they don’t really impress with the design. If you want a stylish addition to the garden, you can opt for the wooden boxes. The second step is the right mix for the compost. Too much grass in the compost can lead to unpleasant odors. Too much wood will rot too slowly. The combination of 50% wood and 50% grass has therefore proven to be optimal. If a lot of tree leaves fall in the fall, you can add card stock, newspapers or magazines to balance. Rolls of toilet paper can also help in this case. Meat, bones and fat have no place in the compost heap. If necessary, you can pour a little bit of water. Tree leaves can suppress unpleasant rumors.

Making compost yourself – possible uses

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who Make compost yourself would like to, will not only protect nature, but also be able to reuse the organic residues and garbage from the garden. Often you can use the compost as fertilizer. Flower beds in particular will benefit from compost – you just need to spread the compost out regularly. If you make a lot of compost, you can use it to fertilize the whole garden. In any case, it is important to have the right mixture – anyone who doubts what belongs in the compost heap and what does not can always ask in the garden shop. We have attached some designs for compost boxes from the English company all4gardening.

Composting takes patience

manufacture instructions step beginner

50% grass and 50% dry parts of trees, magazines

Make your own compost instructions box

Wooden compost box

Compost lawn fertilize garden tips

Large compost box – make your own fertilizer for the garden

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Stylish and functional – wooden box for compost

How to make compost yourself Instructions

This wooden box hides the compost

Composting a crate of wood properly

You can use the compost to fertilize the flowers later –westmount design

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