House trees in the garden – create an exotic oasis in the backyard!

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This wonderful project for garden design, realized by CultivArt Landscape Design, presents the allotment garden in a new light. The backyard is no longer an additional storage space or simply an empty lawn – instead, an exotic oasis can be created there. They play House trees in the garden an important role – in summer you provide privacy and shade, in winter you protect the house from the wind.

House trees in the garden – lush perennials provide privacy

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The gardener Janine Mendel from CultivArt Landscape wanted a lush garden – but when she bought her dream home, all she had was a narrow little back yard. With a lot of imagination, she has transformed it into an exotic garden oasis. The backyard was supposed to become a refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the big city, which is why she decided to keep the design as natural as possible. Even the wooden garden path looks natural and is reminiscent of a forest path. This makes you feel like you are on an exotic island and not in a backyard in a densely populated area.

House trees in the garden – this is how you bring Mediterranean flair

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The garden was laid out in three steps. First, the back yard was framed with a wooden fence and medium-high perennials. It was also shielded from the neighboring houses by a high stone wall. Several 4-meter-high palm trees and two lemon trees were planted in the middle of the property – the House trees in the garden offer sun protection in the warm summer days and bring a Mediterranean flair. A rock garden with low succulents was created in a small corner – it loosens the transition zone between the terrace and the garden area. The combination between tall and low plants has brought variety to the garden and the small backyard now appears much more spacious and open.

Garden oasis in the middle of the big city

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Garden path or forest path? The garden looks natural

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Plants at different heights were combined

Rock garden mirror low succulents mid-high palm trees

The lighting emphasizes the rugged beauty of the rock garden

Succulent rockery LED lighting built in

Cozy sitting area in Mediterranean style

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The sitting area in the evening

Lighting orange terracotta stone wall Mediterranean flair seating area

House trees emphasize the beautiful stone wall

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Wooden pergola garden gate modern high trees privacy screen

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