Grit in the garden – 29 modern design ideas

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A quarry stone / either of natural origin or broken by machine / with a grain size of up to 32 mm is called chippings. In the trade, crushed stone with a grain size of up to 100 mm is offered as decorative chippings. In the past, the natural material was mainly used in road construction, nowadays landscape architects also use grit in the garden to set accents. Because the material is a perfect covering for driveways, garden paths or terraces.

Grit in the garden – the natural material is versatile

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Chippings are no longer just used as decoration in the rock garden – the natural material is a stable floor covering for the terrace. Thanks to the square edges of the brick, a gravel path gives way less than round gravel. To ensure that the surface remains stable, a base layer made of a special mixture is laid first, and only then is the gravel layer laid. On request, natural stone slabs can be arranged on it / s. Photo above /. Optionally, a garden path can be laid with paving stones and then the joints are filled with gravel.

Grit corner with plants

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Chippings are suitable for use on the terrace, in the bed, as a covering for the garden path or as a decoration in the rock garden. Even if a fire bowl is placed in the garden, grit is the right variant for flooring – it can reduce the risk of fire.

Grit in the garden – design ideas for every taste

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The natural material gives the country-style garden additional charm, blends in harmoniously with the desert landscape of the rock garden, and gives the formal garden a natural touch. It can be used to perfectly separate the lawn from the terrace, emphasize the zone with hedge plants or simply spice up an old garden path.

Zen garden with grit

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Gravel path in the formal garden – modern idea


Grit in the garden – everyone can lay this garden path themselves

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Gravel path in the front yard quickly becomes an eye-catcher

Split garden design examples - split path lawn area

The garden path made of gravel and concrete slabs optically separates the terrace from the pool area

Grit garden design ideas picture examples

Grit in the garden quickly becomes an eye catcher

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Design the backyard in the English style – with stone beds


Grit in the garden – small terrace in the middle of the secluded garden



Split-garden-driveway-laying split-path

Grit garden design ideas ornamental grass

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Grit Garden Boxwood Ideas Pictures

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Grit garden rock garden tree boxwood

Grit garden rock garden ideas modern

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Grit Garden Brazier Flooring Ideas


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Grit garden gravel natural stone slab ideas

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