Garden design with stones – 18 inspiring ideas

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Natural stones give every outdoor area that certain something. And since they can also be used in a variety of ways for a wide variety of elements and are extremely durable, it is no wonder that they are so popular as construction and design material for the garden. We give you 18 inspirations for Garden design with stones. Stones can be used as decoration in every garden style – and we will show you how and for what!

Garden design with stones – create a garden path creatively

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The inspirations for Garden design with stones start with a traditional idea – the garden path made of natural stone. You can imaginatively lay out a garden path – the base can be made of small pebbles. Lay stone tiles or wooden boards to create interesting zigzag patterns. Fans of the country house style can also create the garden path with just small pebbles – it looks much more natural that way.

Stones can underline and compliment the design. They are very often also used for the edge of the beds, i.e. as a bed border – such as the river stones on the tree bed in the example below. For an even more interesting effect, you can also combine natural stone, pebbles and river stones – this makes the garden look more versatile. Coastal stones can set accents and be used as decoration.

Garden design with stones – ideas for decoration

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Stones covered with moss will compliment the country-style garden. Plant the earth with evergreen plants and distribute the stones so that interesting geometric shapes are created. Flowers and grass can add colored and textural accents. In turn, low evergreen plants and pebbles can create interesting geometric patterns. Pebbles are not suitable for the flooring on the patio – the garden furniture needs a solid floor. Nevertheless, you can still use them to frame a wooden terrace, for example. If your garden is on a slope, you can build a retaining wall out of garden stones. Let yourself be guided by our suggestions for Garden design with stones to inspire!

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Stone raised beds

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Raised beds are an extremely popular garden element. After all, they not only highlight your plants particularly well, but are also very easy to work with and maintain. Natural stone can also be used here as a retaining wall to keep the earth inside. You can of course decide for yourself whether you choose a round, oval or square shape. The natural stone raised beds look very pleasant in the middle of the lawn as well as on a surface made of gravel or other stone.

Garden design idea

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Here you can see again how different types of stone can be combined with one another. The stone slab garden path is framed by river stones – one side in the form of a stone bed and on the other side in the form of a retaining wall for a higher level in the garden, which gradually becomes lower until it comes to the level of the path. The contrast between the gray stone and the lush green lawn is also very nice to look at.

Low evergreen plants and two-tone pebbles

Garden design with stones vegetables grass geometric pattern

What do you think of this original idea for a bed design? Several squares were designed, which were alternately filled with gravel in two colors, as well as with ground cover and succulents. The result is a very colorful design that looks very natural and picturesque at the same time. Various types of pebbles and blooming ground cover can be used for such a decorative element.

Decorate garden stones and pebbles with flowers and plants

Stones garden ideas flower pots garden bench

Pebbles and river stones are also often used for rock gardens and beds. So if you want a garden design with stones, you can also fall back on it. In order to protect the respective beds from weeds, they are equipped with a special fleece, in which the ornamental plants are then also planted. You will already have an easy-care bed. You can also equip the stone bed with some decorative elements made of natural stone. These include figures, planters, fountains or a bench.

River stones in different sizes create an optical illusion

Stones garden river stones figures spiral

Especially in Zen gardens, interesting patterns are raked with gravel, which are supposed to have a relaxing effect. Of course, you can also implement such patterns in any other garden style if you like it. The great thing is that the pattern can be changed and redesigned at any time. The idea is suitable for unplanted areas where you cannot injure plants when raking.

 Coastal stone in combination with decorative pebbles for the Japanese garden

Stone garden decoration ideas Japanese style

But if a smooth surface made of gravel is too boring for you, you can make the area more varied with a few rocks or larger stones. In principle, there are no limits to garden design with stones. A bench made of natural stone can also have a very decorative effect or you can set up a stone bowl with water, which you can even plant when it is not in direct sunlight.

Decorate the tree bed with river stones

River stones tree bed garden design

If there is a tree in the middle of the terrace or another tiled or paved area, the area around the trunk can not only be planted, but also designed with stones. It is important that such an area is left free so that the rainwater can penetrate there and the tree does not dry out over time. Which gravel color you choose depends on your tastes and the result you are expecting.

Surround the wooden terrace with pebbles

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There is no doubt that wood and pebbles go wonderfully together and can also be used to design your garden. A wonderful example is the small terrace in the picture above. It consists of weathered wooden boards, which then merge into a gravel surface. The result is an attractive look, which is even emphasized by the ornamental grasses and other plants. The supporting wall for the raised bed behind the terrace is also made of wood.

Create a garden path from natural materials

Pebbles wooden boards garden path pond ceramics

Create a country-style garden – garden path only made of pebbles

Garden spring design path country style spring flowers

Feng Shui style garden with a matching wooden garden path

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Creative decoration idea with stones in the garden

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River stones decoration ideas garden on the slope

Natural stone garden path stone tiles pebbles

Natural stone fountain garden stones Japanese style

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