Garden design ideas – the top 10 trees for small gardens

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Trees offer sun protection in summer, attract birds and squirrels, shield the garden from strangers and bring structure to your garden design. So there is not much to think about, trees have to be found. However, since many tree species grow very large, not all of them are suitable for small outdoor areas as they would take up too much space over the years. We provide you with a list of the top 10 trees that are perfect for allotment planting, as well as a few Garden design ideas for positioning the trees so you can get the most out of what little space you have.

Garden design ideas for small gardens – trees that let light through and provide shade

Garden design ideas trees cypress

Small gardens are a big challenge. We can offer you some Garden design ideas, with which you will master this challenge like professionals. Gardens shaded by neighboring houses do not need additional sun protection. In this case, trees such as the ornamental cherry “Fukubana”, which can reach a height of up to 5 meters and love shady locations, are perfect. In spring the tree has light pink flowers. The almond tree also has a crown that lets light through. Its flowers appear towards the end of spring and then even form almonds. The tree can reach heights of 5 to 6 meters.

Small, sun-flooded gardens need appropriate sun protection. Here, for example, fruit trees such as ornamental apples or ornamental cherries, which can reach a height of up to 4 meters, come into question. They also grow fairly quickly and can offer sun protection even in three years.

Garden design ideas for small gardens – spherical trees

Garden design ideas-small-trees-Japanese-maple-front garden

Spherical trees such as the spherical maple, spherical acacia or spherical trumpet tree are very attractive. All three have one thing in common – even without a cut, a spherical crown forms over time. One should keep in mind, however, that all three tree species grow slowly and that they reach their maximum height of 3-4 meters in a minimum of 8 years. The tree species with an umbrella crown include, for example, the elder, the Judas tree or the umbrella chestnut. You can even successfully replace the parasol in the allotment garden.

Trees in the garden – tips for planting and care

Garden design ideas-shady trees-natural stone tiles

The right time to plant a tree is spring. But you have to plan carefully – if you plant the tree too close to the fence, the crown can disturb the neighbors in a few years. If it is too close to the house or another building in the garden, they can interfere with each other. So when choosing the location, consider the maximum height and width of the selected tree. You can keep the width within limits and influence it to a certain extent with a regular cut.

Nice tree as an accent in the front yard

Garden design-ideas-perennials-front garden-create

Trees can also simply have a decorative effect. The tree can particularly come into its own in the middle of a bed or a lawn. It’s great that the people around the trunk can also plant some shade-loving plants so that the area around the tree doesn’t get too bare or boring. Or what do you think of garden design ideas like the one above, where a wooden terrace was simply designed around the trunk? Chairs can be distributed on a pedestal, while a table was designed directly on the trunk, which can also be used as a bench. You can already enjoy your coffee, snack or book in the pleasant shade during the hot summer.

Garden design ideas – Evergreen trees bring splashes of color in the winter garden too

Garden design ideas garden bench paving stones wooden fence low perennials

Trees can be an extension of privacy screens and make the garden look more natural. Above all, dense crowns perfectly protect against prying eyes. Make sure that the beginning of the treetop is above the fence so that they don’t interfere with each other. In addition, use evergreen tree species if you want to enjoy the color and of course a privacy screen in winter too.

Garden design ideas for low trees on the garden slope

Garden design ideas vertical greening small trees wooden fence ideas

The use of smaller tree species is also very suitable for creating slopes. The spread of the roots even protects the slope from a landslide as they secure the earth well. On the outside, the trees create structure and beautiful eye-catchers. It is best to use dwarf trees that don’t get too big. There are not only dwarf fruit trees, but also dwarf ornamental trees. For example, if you want unique eye-catchers in autumn, you can choose a Japanese maple, which impresses with its bright leaf colors.

Tall trees can disturb the neighbors as they grow

Positioning garden ideas water features garden pond lawn

Combine deciduous or coniferous trees with ornamental grasses, shrubs and bushes to create an even transition to the lawn in terms of height or simply use the striking height of the trees to set accents. Either way, you should use this type of plant even if there is little space. If you even create several corners with ornamental and fruit trees, you can enjoy the chirping of birds at any time of the day.

Therefore, the trees should not be planted near the garden fence

Fence neighbors create allotment gardens bring structure

If you do not have an adjoining neighbor on one or more sides of your property and if there is no plot of land that could one day be sold, you can plant your trees as you like without having to worry about any discomfort. In this way you can, for example, distribute them in such a way that they cast shade on your terrace at any time of the day. Incidentally, the walnut tree is known for its extremely pleasant shade. However, it will be quite large, so you should think twice about whether you have enough space for this specimen.

Shade umbrella-shaped crown lawn area paving stones garden path

Once you have distributed the little trees, all you have to do is wait a few years for them to grow. The wait is definitely worth it, and not just after you have planted fruit trees. Your garden will be transformed into a perfect oasis of wellbeing and your free hours outside will be particularly pleasant. And the best thing about the trees is that overall they don’t require any special care. Only in the first time should it be watered regularly. Once the roots have grown, they will find sufficient moisture on their own. And then only the annual average remains.

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