Garden design and garden art – 42 ideas from all over the world

garden design-garden-art-nest-wood-rods-of course-sculptures

Garden design and garden art have been at the center of human activity since ancient times. The proof of this is today on drawings in caves and on stones. Nowadays the artistic drive is connected with technical innovations that give numerous garden designers the opportunity to develop new concepts and combine sculptural and modern architecture in one. Some of these are breathtaking and large gardens, others are very thoughtful and done with great attention to detail.

Garden design and garden art – interesting and impressive ideas

garden design-garden-art-sculptures-pitcher-nest-Dougherty

England Patrick Dougherty Garden Art

The ideas for Garden design and garden art  from Patrick Dougherty include large nests, large envelopes, bushes with animal shapes, keepers, heaps of heaps, and interesting natural shapes. Many of his ideas look more like found than like homemade. Dougherty originally worked as a carpenter, but then gave up this job and found his passion in gardening. He attaches great importance to the natural growth of plants and his creations look almost unorganized, very organic and even a bit chaotic. The unique style gives the design an irresistible charm.

Garden design and garden art by Andy Goldsworthy

garden design-garden art-autumn-leaves-color-yellow-green-goldsworthy

interesting garden art-Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Glosworthy is undoubtedly one of the most famous and popular garden artists of our time. His work in the modern field Garden design and garden art made him popular around the world. Its distinguishing features are the strong colors and the interesting details. How he manages to create a whole rainbow of autumn leaves remains a mystery. His most famous creations are reminiscent of beautiful compositions for photos, they are made only of natural materials and clearly show his talent.

Garden design and garden art – the hidden garden

garden design-garden-art-sculpture-design-plants-garden-heligen

Garden design Cornwall

Funny characters and interesting ideas for Garden design and garden art can be done in Heligan’s garden – nowadays one of the most popular botanical gardens in Great Britain. These landscape ideas are simply inspiring and make us dream of foreign countries and other cultures.

Garden design and garden art – sculptures made of stones

garden design-garden-art-open-space-landscape-opus-40

Garden art with stone ideas

Harvey Fite has designed a modern outdoor art gallery and “exhibited” his sculptures there. Decades later, his work has been transformed into a beautiful garden. The unconventional method from Egypt for Garden design and garden art in one has led to a beautiful end result. The garden is called Opus 40 and is still a symbol of modern art today. His schuffer Fite fell victim to his life’s work – he had an accident right there.

Garden design by Jim Denevan

Garden art earth forms beautiful garden

The next ideas for Garden design and garden art come from Jim Denevan – He is known for his large geometric shapes. Visitors can only view his works from a distance so that the design comes into its own.

Garden art by Richard Long

Stones as decoration

For Richard Long garden art is as close to nature as possible. He describes some of his artwork as sculptural, creative and diverse. His work offers excellent and aesthetic ideas for the modern garden.

Garden design and garden art by Nils Udo

Nils-Udo garden design nest

Nils Udo is a German artist who is also known as a painter. His works in the field of Garden design and garden art are characterized by interesting combinations of fruit trees and shrubs. He adapts the natural landscape without permanently changing it – this is also the reason for the great attraction of his projects.

Projects for Mauri’s garden

Corridor trees garden design

Mauri is very popular in the field of Garden design and garden art– an artist who skilfully combines art and nature, and shows particularly great love and respect for trees. His unique project – the corridor made of trees is a perfect example of what the future of modern garden art looks like.

 Garden art by Chris Dury

Chris Drury modern garden design

Chris Dury is a very talented garden designer who works with numerous materials and design ideas. Sometimes he seeks inspiration in natural hues, sometimes he creates vibrant garden art and combines geometric and organic shapes.

Futuristic garden design and garden art by Christo and Jeanne Claude

Christo interesting garden idea

Christo and Jeanne Claude just try to show the beauty of nature and inspire people all over the world with their modern garden design ideas. Over 1 million square meters of fabric was used for this installation. The effort was worth it, because an impressive idea was realized – as you can see for yourself from the photos.

Garden design and garden art – installation with parasols

Parasols in the garden

Her second work is an interesting combination with parasols, which is part of a larger installation. The designers financed the project themselves and received permission from the landowners to do so.

 Futuristic garden art

Cars futuristic garden design

Cars can hardly be called stonehedge, yet these cars are a futuristic postmodern representation of the pyramids in Egypt. Perhaps several hundred years from now, people will wonder about it, much as we wonder about Stonehenge.

Buildings made of trees

Building Project Soft Structures

Here comes an exciting idea – a building made of living trees that is sure to become a gathering point for modern artists and tourists in 20 years’ time. The project of Soft structures has brought environmentally friendly architecture to a higher level.

Interesting garden design and garden art idea

Garden decoration ideas wood

Unlike some artists who use modern plastics for making decorations in the garden, have  Bruni and Barbarit Completely transformed an old tree, thereby proving that the natural materials and shapes can also create contrasts and set accents.

Interactive garden art by David Nash and Mikael Hanson

modern garden art made of wood

David Nash and Mikael Hanson work with natural materials and use them to create modern geometric figures and shapes. In any case, they only use recycled wood so that they do not harm the environment.

Monument by Michael Heizer – garden design and garden art ideas

Garden design and garden art monuments

This amazing monument is a result of work in the field of Garden design and garden art by Michael Heizer, who alone created perhaps the greatest work of art on earth. His life’s work cost more than twenty million dollars and is on display in Nevada for visitors and tourists.

Garden design and garden art – mazes

Mazes modern garden design

Partly modern architecture, partly Garden design and garden art are these modern mazes that look like something out of legends and fairy tales. From above they look like real puzzles – these amazing modern garden design and garden art ideas show two sides of human nature – the intuitive and the practical.

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