Garden decorations made of rust – this is how you design your garden in an original way

romantic garden gate ornaments rust design wall stone house

the Garden decorations made of rust is becoming increasingly popular and can be found in many gardens. It’s no wonder either. The decorations have a natural color, namely brown or orange, which adapts very well to the natural environment. Plus, you don’t need to worry about weather conditions damaging the decoration. On the contrary, the garden decorations made of rust keep getting new color nuances over time and thus change their appearance.

Garden decoration made of rust in the form of a fireplace

corten fireplace brown rust garden decoration terrace garden

Various things can serve as garden decorations made of rust in your garden. Aside from pretty figures that can be stabbed in the ground, you can, for example, use them to shape steps, attach a garden gate or lamps for lighting. The grate is also suitable as a privacy screen or even as a fence. You can also set accents by setting up planters made of rust. You can then plant small trees or colorful flowers in them. Have you planned a barbecue party, but are still looking for a suitable barbecue? Well, then simply choose a grill garden decoration made of rust!

Garden decorations made of rust – different figures and shapes

rust figure metal garden decoration flowers

In the event that you are not quite sure yet or are just looking for some inspiration, just take a look at the pictures below. We have put together some interesting examples of garden decorations made of rust. This includes all of the ideas mentioned above, as well as a few others. If you like one of the variants, we would like to wish you a lot of fun designing your garden.

Rusty lamp as a garden decoration

outdoor lamp design rust garden decoration wall

Garden decorations made of rust – a practical grill

modern grill grate design logs bridge garden party

Rusted steps and pergola

steps lawn garden rust pergola corten boxwood

Screen made of rust with climbing plants as garden decoration

fence privacy screen garden decoration made of rust climbing plants house

Garden decoration made from a huge, rusty rose

rose garden decoration made of rust lawn flowers effective

Planter made of rust for the modern garden decoration

modern furnishings garden decor rust planter pool patio

Garden decoration made of rust – perforated privacy screen with fireplace

fireplace garden decoration made of rust privacy screen perforated tree wood

Planters from Adam Christopher Design

abstract design planter grass bench wood garden decoration

flower pot idea pedestal stone rust garden decoration tree

art garden decoration bed terrace rust design grill modern

decoration metal rusty meadow garden flower design

fountain garden decoration made of rust water gravel stones graeser

garden decoration made of rust bench flowers design idea

seating area fireplace rust corten garden bench plants bed

bench garden furniture corten rust pebbles graeser

planter rust design idea garden decoration succulents

wall decorate away rust pattern graeser gartendeko

entrance door garden rust gate rustic design decoration

flowerpots corten rust garden decoration flowers colorful design garden

tree decoration heart rust metal moss

bird bath rust design wall decoration garden rustic design

fence idea garden decoration made of rust effect away front yard

garden decoration-rust-corten steel-bench-wood-planter

garden decoration-rust-corten-steel-high-planter-terrace

garden decoration-rust-corten-steel-panels-privacy protection

garden decoration-rust-corten steel-raised bed-border-contrast-green-lawn

garden decoration-rust-corten-steel-house-number-digit-stone-retaining wall